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Vizsla Club of America
2006 National Field Trial

Hosted by Conestoga Vizsla Club


October 23-28, 2006

Wye Island, Maryland Natural Resources


Wye Island’s several thousand acres of prime field trial acreage hosted the 2006 Vizsla Club of America National field trial and is accessible to fters solely for Championships. This year WI was planted primarily in corn and to a lesser extent soybeans, both crops protected by long curving thick forest treelines. The Maryland refuge provided field trialers with a grand piece of real estate designed for water fowl to fly over and field trialers to borrow pristine nature with agricultural decor, presented at its finest.


Temperatures were chilly all week with the always present wind blowing cold breaths to gusts up to 50 mph, reminding us all of winter to come and made taking photos very difficult. The travel to Wye Island was breathtaking with peak fall colors, especially to those fortunate enough to cross the mountains with their brilliant fall plumage. Wye Island itself had just begun its color change. Actually the coastal protected island geographic architecture, more resembled the heart of Illinois and wild bird country, than what most entrants expected. It is a privilege to be able to use this property and heartily co-sign it’s only being used for Championships.


The trial was hosted by the Conestoga Vizsla Club with Julia Bonar as FT Chair and Terry Lucas as FT Secretary. Jamie O’Donnell planted birds with Danny Gooch and Don Brown completing gunning on course.


The course for the First Series of the National Championship and the National Amateur Championship was a wriggling affair, shaped much like a snake wending his way through the agricultural fields lined with hardwood forest tree lines. Wye Island is truly grand edge country. To survive the first series, handler and dog had to nimbly handle as a team. The Second Series and Derby were set on the end of the island in the wider, more open fields where dog’s range and application could be showcased.


Schedule of VCA 2006 National Events in Maryland and Delaware




The National Championship (41 entries) and Open Derby Classic (27 entries) was judged by Mark Johnson and Terry Trzcinski of Illinois and both judges made positive comments on the grounds, the dogs, the handlers and the administration. The NFC placements were all OWNER/HANDLED. The winner Pappy is nine years old and also has American Field/AF/AKC RU Championships to his credit. An early ager, Pappy is now so rusted gray, he appears pink. Don’t fool yourself into thinking he has lost his touch in winning as he continues his traditional classic championship bird dog application with eye-catching style on point and afield.



2006 National Field Champion

October 23 & 24
FC AFC Dry Creek Pappomatic (Pappy)

Owned and handled by Dustin Ochs

2. NGDC NAFC FC AFC Onpoint's Fulluv Gust O (Kansas)

Owned and handled by John Reid
3. NGDC DC AFC Onpoint's Tuff Stuff (Tuffy)

Owned and handled by John Reid
4. FC AFC Semper Fi Colonel's Pride (Colonel)

Owned and handled by Dave Pomfret

NFC 2nd Series
Brace One

FC AFC Semper Fi Colonel’s Pride- O/H Pomfret

NGDC NAFC FC AFC Onpoint’s Fulluv Gust O/H Reid

Brace Two

Ch Barben’s Absolut Martini O-Zahn/H-Seelye

AFC Oakleaf’s Runnin Down A Dream JH O/H-Mark Smith

Brace Three

NGDC DC AFC Onpoint’s Tuff Stuff O/H-Reid

DC Rimfire’s Double Jeopardy O-Debby Lynn/H-Greg Dixon

Brace Four

Melto N Barktalk Ruby Rose- O-Chauncey Smith/H-Seelye

NAFC DC AFC Wildwood’s Back With Zack- O-Hawkins H-Keeton

Brace Five

Onpoint’s Farley Got Soul –O/H Barry Bassingthwaite

FC AFC Dry Creek Pappomatic- O/H Dustin Ochs


2006 VCA National Amateur Field Championship


Tim Schillereff of Oregon and Bill Webb of Minnesota judged the National Amateur Championship (36 entries) and Open Puppy (17 entries). The NAFC was filled with women stepping forward as top class pivotal team members whether they were scouting or handling. Only one Vizsla, the winner was not OWNER/HANDLED.


NAFC FC AFC Jumping Jack Flash II has long made his owner Mark Sullivan and breeder Stephanie Russo very proud. Mark Calder as handler for Jack competed Second Series in a brace with several horse mishaps and MarkC immediately went back to help the fallen horse at his brace’s end and then hung on to the outside of the trailer to make sure the injured horse inside was brought back safe and sound. Mark Calder is truly a sporting gentleman. Of note, two foot handlers Pat Carney and Lisa Durham were pleased to participate in an earned spot into the Second Series. Also, of note, Third place Cutter was winner of the first Vizsla AllStarReview which addresses current sporting breed improvement by combining Show Champions with the tops of the competitive Field world DC, MH, AFC, Prize I Utility NAVHDA. The inaugural boasted THIRTY FOUR entries. Fourth place went to a HUGE grin on Jan Wallace who was so proud of her Dart, we fully expected to see her explode with delight/pride. Last, but certainly not least to the Amateur national placing ranks, was the addition of a new Semper Fi Gun Dog owner/handled by Al Lucas Sr. Al is the only Vizsla person to have handled and won nationally on all five levels, NFC, NAFC, OD, OP and NGDC. No scribe was present for bracing narratives.

National Amateur Field Champion

October 26 & 27

FC AFC Jumping Jack Flash II (Jack)

Owned by Mark Sullivan, Handled by Mark Calder


2. DC AFC Huntley MH (Huntley), O/H Jack Sharkey

3. DC AFC Bitteroot Semper Fi Cutter (Cutter) O/H Clint Sails

4. Ch Red Oak's Totem From Snow Ridge JH OA OAJ (Dart), Jan Wallace

NAFC 2nd Series

Brace One

NFC FC AFC Dry Creek Pappomatic (Pappy), Dustin  Ochs

FC AFC Jumping Jack Flash II (Jack) Mark Sullivan


Brace Two

Onpoint's Farley Got Soul (Farley),  Barry Bassingthwaighte

Ch Red Oak's Totem From Snow Ridge JH OA OAJ (Dart), Jan Wallace


Brace Three

NAFC NGDC FC AFC Onpoint's Fulluv Gust O (Kansas), Barry Bassingthwaighte for John Reid

DC AFC Bitteroot Semper Fi Cutter (Cutter), Clint Sails


Brace Four

AFC Valley Hunter Divine Edition CDX RE MH NA OAJ VC (Edie), Lisa Durham

DC Valley Hunter Limited Edition SH CGC (Cash), Pat Carney & Jean Matmor


Brace Five

DC AFC Huntley MH (Huntley), Jack Sharkey

Hodag's Semper Fi Khe Sanh, (Casey), Al Lucas


Brace Six

FC AFC Semper Fi Colonel's Pride (Colonel), H-Grace Ann Lawson O- Dave Pomfret

DC Crimson's Twenty Gauge Ruger JH (Ruger), Mark & Pam Spurgeon


National Derby Classic Winner

Judges Mark Johnson and Terry Trzcinski

Lady Brinkley

Owner-Jack Sharkey/H-Dave Pomfret


2. Onpoint's Hit Me With Your Won (Won)(O/H- John Reid)

3. Shiloh's Matrix (O/H Robert Tomczak)

4. King O' The Field Fortune Tellr (O/H Greg King)

 National Open Puppy

Judges: Tim Schillereff/Bill Webb

Shiloh's Rock My World (Roxie)

Owned and Handled by Matt Rogers


2. Broad Run's Trail Blazin Boone (Boone)

O-Michelle & Patrick Dowd /H-Bobby Seelye

3. Shiloh N Mira's Magdalene JH (Maggie)

O-Michel Berner & Robert Tomczak /H Robert Tomczak

4. Semper Fi Royal Sampson (Sammy) O-Christopher & Katrina Fleming H-Al Lucas

Report and Photos/Graphics submitted by Diana Boggs from Stuck in The Mud Underground Publishing (SITmUP). Pointing the way to field event online reporting. All photos/graphics are copyrighted and may not be used unless SITmUP permission is given. Contact Diana at
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