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The Vizsla Club of America in 2010
2010 marks 50 years of the Vizsla Club of America as an AKC club AND 50 years as an AKC breed.
2010 also has AKC celebrating 125 years.
THE most decorated AKC a Vizsla "Mz Chartay HOF"
2010 also has the world celebrating May 29, 1920 as 90 years of the modern-day Vizsla, a breed that would have to survive not just one, but two World Wars.
Now...all that is just plain INCREDIBLE !!!
And that is just a small part of the AKC Vizsla & Vizsla Club of America stories.
Get the only Calendar ever produced by the VCA
When the breed was first imported into the USA, our "Founding Vizsla Father- Frank Tallman" made the decision that the American Kennel Club would provide the new fledgling USA breed the greatest opportunity for the kind of success meant continued breed longevity by satisfying their owners as greatly as previous Vizsla owners.
The problem was that AKC required "at that time" 500 3-generation authentic pedigrees for Breed Recognition. There were less than 20 imported Vizslas inside the USA during 1951. Although 1951 would prove to be the most active year for Vizsla enthusiasts during the fifties. It was determined "at that time" to use the FDSB as there was no AKC Foundation Stud Service available for gathering the needed 500 3-generation pedigrees needed for AKC. Usage of the FDSB gave the newest sporting USA Field Eventers an ability to get the field stock that would compose this 500 pedigree database...opportunities to "field test" some of the AKC Vizsla stock used in the sixties breeding programs. Early Vizsla fanciers were always heavily encouraged to be invested in field trials. For the reader to assume that many of our more famous show lines didn't start in the field or that owner/breeder wasn't interested in the field AND they were around for the sixties is likely not a true evaluation.
After the many accomplishments of the AKC Vizsla during the last fifty years, we may deduce that Frank Tallman really did know what was best for the breed.
Readers should be filled with awe to realize the character of Tallman & of those who followed shortly on his heels like Dr Ivan Osborn DVM, Joan & Charles Hunt who are collectively responsible for health & integrity in breeding breeding programs for nearly 60-70 Magyar Vizsla imports
If such a thing as "Master Breeder" really did exist, it would be this group who played the game of "Survivor" and won with depth of versatile class. 




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