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2008 Vizsla Club of Metro Atlanta Inaugural Field Trial
 This Event Report was submitted by Tania Seifert-Campbell
"Though it rained most of the weekend, the Vizsla Club of Metro Atlanta pulled off their first field trial without a hitch. We offered seven stakes, Friday through Sunday, and had a total entry of 135 dogs. The stakes were mixed, horseback and walking. The trial was at a working plantation about an hour east of Macon. The fields were slightly rolling, planted with milo strips throughout, edged by woods.
We began the trial with horseback stakes on Friday, OLGD and OD. The weather held, with intermittent sprinkles. 10 of the 26 entries in OLGD and 13 of 22 in OD were vizslas.
Saturday was soaking with continuous rain, sprinkes, and torrential downpours. Open Derby was completed and all stakes going forward were walking. Surprisingly, birds were still flying and dogs were getting around clean.
The crowd huddled under a group of canopies next to the food R.V. We were kept fed by club members Matt and Justeen Oess, who worked all weekend to provide hot, delicious, home-cooked meals. Saturday night, we were able to move indoors to a lodge on the grounds. Again, gathering for great food and conversation, raffle and placements, and massages provided by massage therapist and club member, Claudia Park.
Sunday was pretty much the same, more rain. We finished up, water logged, took pictures, and tried to not get stuck in the mud on the way out. I believe 3 dogs finished titles that weekend, and only one person got stuck in the mud.
We saw some very nice broke dogs run and some up-n-comers that knocked our socks off. Overall, and despite the weather, it was a great trial!"

Open Limited Gun Dog:  26 Starters  1st (5 points), 2nd (2 points) 

1 - FC Trinity's Cotton Gin Shooter  "Zeko"

2 - Wilson's DB Trish  "Trish" (GWP)

3 - DC AFC Bitteroot Semper Fi Cutter  "Cutter"

4 - DC AFC Remek's Red Storm Rising  "Jaks"

 Open Gun Dog:  22 Starters  1st (4 points) 

1 - AFC Tiber Creeks Rushcreek Darcy  "Darcy"

2 - Ulysses' Farewell to Clare MH  "Ulee"

3 - Ch NMK's Arsenic and Old Lace JH  "Savannah" (GSP)

4 - Ch AFC Red Oak Totem from SnowRidge JH OA OAJ  "Dart"

 Amateur Gun Dog:  18 Starters  1st (4 points), 2nd (2 points) 

1 - FC Da Capo by Barktalk  "Topper"

2 - Barben's Ella Enchanted  "Ella"

3 - DC Valley Hunter's Southern Comfort CD MH NAJ  "Shooter"

4 - Ch Valleyhunter Vermillion Grant CD MH  "Grant"

 Open Derby:  17 Starters  1st (2 points) 

1 - Molly Gunn  "Molly"

2 - Dream Weaver Totem  "Shine"

3 - Rushcreek Semperfired Moka  "Moki"

4 - D'nD's Ready to Run  "Ready"

 Amateur Walking Derby:  17 Starters  1st (2 points) 

1 - SoCo's Independence Day  "Patriot"

2 - Barben's Duchess of York  "Fergie"

3 - D'nD 'n Barben's Ain't She Sweet  "Sweetie"

4 - Molly Gunn  "Molly" (Brittany)

AOM - Dream Weaver Totem  "Shine"

AOM - Barben's Rio Bronco  "Bronco"

 Open Puppy:  8 Starters, 1st  (2 points) 

1 - Onpoint's JR's Hot Stuff  "Madison

2 - Gambles Sam Man  "Sam" (GSP)

3 - Trinity's MossyOak Mudslinger "Kudzu"

4 - Trinity's Busy B'n Fabulous  "Xindi 

Amateur Walking Puppy:  11 Starters, 1st (2 points)  

1 - Onpoint's JR's Hot Stuff  "Madison"

2 - D'nD's Ready to Run  "Ready"

3 - Trinity's Top Shelf  "Voxx"

4 - Vanguard's Quantum Matrix  "Reco"

AOM - Remek's Dark Side of the Moon  "Harry"  

 All photographs were taken by Tania Seifert-Campbell
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