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  1. OBJECTIVE: Discovery and selection for breeding of outstanding dogs, popularization of hunting with a Vizsla, education and guidance of trainers and instructors.


  1. TERMS are set by the OVC Board and made public by a periodical or a special notification. These terms are to disclose:


A)   time, location, type and requirements of field trial

B)   kind, age and other requirements of running Vizslas

C)   date line and place of nomination, amount of fees for members and non members

D)  provisions for belated entries


  1. NOMINATION must be made and sent on special forms along with the fees by observing date and address as given. Belated notices are considered secondary nominations. The signature of the filled sheet obliges the contestants to comply with all articles or wrong answers in the application the entry may be rejected. Misleading dates will result not only in rejection but also in expulsion from the Club.


  1. Only Vizslas with attested pedigrees may run. Unless they are registered, their genealogical eligibility must be certified.


  1. Before the beginning of the trial the Vizslas are subject to veterinary examination against the statement of which there is no appeal. The acting veterinarian’s dog is excluded from the trial.


  1. Menstruating bitches and castrated males are not eligible.


  1. The judges are authorized to survey the field of dogs with regard to breed, character and appearance and dogs not meeting the requirements may be expelled not only from the trial, but also from breeding.


  1. If such decision is made, its motives are to be disclosed.


  1. The directors of the trial comprise the club’s chairman, secretary and two delegates from each section. The directors’ jurisdiction covers all activities of the trial but it is not to influence the judges’ verdicts. Against the directors’ proceeding appeal may be submitted to the Board of OVC. 
  2. Vizslas of different categories may not contend between each other. The classification is made by the experts of the sections concerned. Only if a Champion Vizsla is to be selected and awarded, is an intermingled participation admissible. Should that be the case, the outstanding specimens are examined by a special committee consisting of the club’s chairman and the section experts. Their votes have to decide on the title; THE BEST VIZSLA


  1. In the OVC trials only judges (experts) of recognized foreign and national clubs may function, each of them on behalf of his own section.


12. The OVC has a uniform ruling for all trials, its observance is compulsory for kinds of the breed, but in judging the requirement of the specified sections the grading of achievements is set in accord with the efficiency of the section concerned.


  1. The Board of Judges must include at least 3 members; one of them to preside. This latter determines on the grounds and stakes. The assistant Judges do not vote but as candidates are expected to enter their judgments which are used by the club to test their abilities.


  1. Except for the candidates no acting handler may function as a judge.


  1. Alert observance and exact records of the events are the duties of the judge. Ample opportunity should be secured for the display of ability and training. Faults must be stated after thoughtful consideration. The trials objective in an instructive one, so the judges are advised to use means of comparisons, explanations for the guidance of contestants and public in qualifying requirements and achievements
  2. After the trial the judges convene to give their verdicts. Within two weeks the conclusive report is to be published


  1. The Directors in cooperation with the judges decide on the trials schedule. Turns of the stakes are drawn by lot. For justified reasons it is left to the presiding judge to deviate from the sequence set, he is also authorized to approve another start, but no judge is the man to shoot while acting.


  1. The classification is made by the figures:41: (excellent), “4”(very good), “3” (good), “2” (fair), “1” (pass) and “O” (unsufficient) in accordance with international standards. These figures are multiplied by the evaluation figures to result in the qualification points which may render also fractions or average values.


  1. In picking the winners, qualification consists of placement to I, or II, or III and of prizes. These latter may be medals, objects of arts, etc. Only to professionals and to personnel may money be awarded. The prizes are partly collected by the Club for proportional distribution among the sections. The sections themselves, however, are free to secure prizes for their own favorites beyond those general awards. If certain achievements do not meet the required level and prizes are not granted, they may be reserved for future use.


  1. Protests challenging trial decisions can be lodged by the section leaders with the deposit of the quadruple amount of the starting fee. In case of unfounded protest this deposit is held as property of the OVC treasury. Attempts to discredit the judges as well as foundless criticism may lead to expulsion from the club.




Entry may be granted to a puppy over seven months if born in the previous year and registered.


Photo by Tonni Niessing
  1. Attitude on line and in free movement. PERFORMANCE: Following the line close to the handlers thigh with head protruding the thigh at least by its half length. If loose, she should keep again to the left thigh of her master without waiting for repeated warnings. Not without permission may she leave the fair distance. Valuation 1.


  1. Obedience to voice and hand-Performance: In retrieving, the Vizsla must lie down as bid by whistle or hand and come back the same way. Valuation 2.


  1. Attitude during show Performance: While the Vizsla retrieves the hunter shoots repeatedly, she has to sit or lie quietly. Val 3


  1. BRINGING THE GAME AFTER SEARCHING- She must search for hidden bird or hare along a big circle in front of her. Only if her mistake is obvious, should she be directed warily. She has to bring the game and keep it in her mouth in sitting position until it is taken by her handler Val: 2


  1. SCENT (val 6 and POINTING (val 5 PERFORMANCE: By judging scent the judge must consider the direction of the wind. It is not a fault if in contrary wind the pup alarms the bird. On the other hand, if she uses the wind for her purpose, this goes for a good mark. No good dog becomes hysterical when taking scent. The judgment must classify the distance and the manner of drawing and the steadiness of the pointing. The judgment must classify the distance and the manner of drawing and the steadiness of the pointing.


  1. Tracing artificial and natural trails within 160 yards. A shot game is carried on a curve of 160 yards to the left and to the right. On line or free, the Vizslas has to follow scent. Great deviation should be corrected not more than once. Slight divergence is no fault. The retrieving must proceed quietly (Val 4)


7. Retrieving on plain field, alertness, endurance (Val 5 and 4) This is performed in the open. No game is required. Rate of retrieving should be lively. Gallop is desirable but trot is tolerable too. The course is done in zig zag or in curves or in circles. Span of swing to the right and to the left may go beyond 160 yards but in depth not more than 30 yards.
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