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It takes a diverse “family club” to raise up a Dual Champion of multiple qualities. It takes a club where the political structure, education, competition and education are composed by a minimum of three separate high class breeding programs that proliferate enough to have impact for over ten years as a minimum.


If there are less than three lines in a club interest in field AND show, what you have is a club administrated, politically structured to the surviving breeding programs, to that power structure’s education and competition values and is not a club whose pedigree lineage is being tested from top to bottom on multiple levels, multiple functions and multiple interests. If there are lesser numbers of people actively working on Dual Champion heritage, then the active numbers of the lines left will have even less people involved, had the three distinct lines not been visibly active in a club. This doesn’t mean that club with one or two dual lines doesn’t have a high class Dual Champion, only that ability has not been tested (education, training, competition)within the club and not as likely to proliferate if had it been fully tested by two other lines from years of breeding programs and competition. Nor does the club with three lines have a guarantee of high class Vizsla Champions, only that there is quantity available to decide depth of class, a depth that has already been tested within that club.


When dual interests in one club converge and focus on at least three primary breeders who are active in show AND field activizts, a higher than average number of Dual Champions will occur in that club and as time passes those Dual Champions coming from that same club will become more competitive representatives nationally of the breed because they have been tested at all levels of DC competition and have been for years. And may indeed be likely to then march to “Upland Continental Warfare” for Vizslas and AKC Sporting breeds… to do well.


The three top clubs for Dual Champions, all formed in the sixties are Vizsla Club of Illinois, Vizsla Club of Conestoga, and Miami Valley Vizsla Club. The first two named are large clubs who had more than three major breeding “engineers” many times. The club to start the Dual Champion Roll Call was the Vizsla Club of New England, today’s club longest in continual existence regional club. The Prairie States Vizsla Club was the first regional club and became an Iowa Vizsla Club, and created the Vizsla Club of Nebraska. Between the Iowa and Nebraska Vizsla clubs there are nine Dual Champions.


The reason, the top, but very small Miami Valley Vizsla club was so successful is everyone, nearly everyone show, did the field, did obedience and represented Midwest political measures in local and national Leaders. Many gave one puppy from every litter to Pilot Dogs (dog leaders for the blind). They were innovative, pivotal and most of all they opened their home and hearts, both with wonderful facilities to everyone.


Not only does a true Dual minded club have at least 3 major breeding programs involved in field AND show, there must be at least 3 major places clubs can hold meetings, do activities without having to pay for grounds and be not be responsible to other entities for justifying/paying for their existence. These factors MVVC club had in spades. When the need came to change to new grounds, there were other MVVC members like Kayser, Keetons and Schaefers who also had wonderful facilities for the club to get together, stay active by bustling communications that was primarily done by Editors of the MVVC Newsletters.


In 1988 Gary Jagoda and Cindy Hibler finished their first Dual Champions. Both Gary and Cindy started as members of Miami Valley Vizsla Club until moving to Michigan and New Jersey. In 1991 Dr Nancy Boggs Heinold DVM finished her first Dual Champion DC AFC Paradox Remarqueable Jake, still a member of the Miami Valley Vizsla Club and recently moved to Dearborn, Mi.


While Chauncey Smith’s heart club is not MVVC, he has been a member for many years, attended as an entrant or judged many Field Trials. It was with pleasure and pride that Smitty has sponsored the two Amateur Challenge trophies as the man who makes Dual Champions from the training and handling as an Amateur the very first Dual Champion and Dual Champion bitch, along with owning, training and handling as many dual quality Vizslas as he could get his hands on for over fifty years.


One item of note is that MANY owners of Dual Champions had multiple club membership, particularly in the clubs mentioned and the top three clubs, Miami Valley Vizsla Club, Vizsla Club of Illinois and Conestoga Vizsla Club. It was nothing for any of the three clubs to need help and the other two clubs would answer the call even if they had to drive over one thousand miles. Not only was it necessary to have diverse families within a club to consistently produce Dual Champions, but it was necessary for the clubs to work together as a family.


Deciding which Dual Champions went where was not an easy task to assign home clubs.

In the end I used all DC’s accredited to the first club someone started in. If they moved they still got credit if their membership remained constant or nearly with the original club. Had I used the theory that Duals remained with the club someone started out with, MVVC would have 33 Dual Champions. That meant the Vizsla Club of New England kept all of Chauncey’s Dual Champions and MVVC kept all of Randy Boggs and Debby Fridlund Lynn’s but not two of three  Nancy and Dave  Heinold Dual Champions.



1971- DC Behi’s Csinos Csiny CD HOF- Bernard Boggs

1976- DC AFC Rothan’s Rozsda Kisanya HOF- Paul Rothan

1980- DC AFC Behi CseCse Gyors Lab- Bernard Boggs

1980- DC AFC Fieldstone’s Hey Duke- Stan Weiss

1982- DC AFC Behi Jeri Redef- Bernard Boggs

1982- DC AFC NAFC Fieldstone’s Tip Top Timmy- Paul Rothan

1983 DC AFC Fieldstone’s Tip Top Chester- Paul Rothan

1983 DC Redef’s Hellza Poppin- Paul Rothan

1986- Camarily Sandman ROM - Marylee/Bob Sloane

1986- DC AFC Popple Dungeon What A Dickens SH CD VC- Debby Fridlund Lynn

1987- DC AFC Behi Gyors Vonat PD Carla- Bernard Boggs

1987 DC AFC Paradox Title Chase of Behi- Boggs/Heinold

1992- DC AFC Mudsville Lorac Makk- Bernard/Diana Boggs/Sommerfelt

1994- DC AFC Behi Red Chief JH- Randy/Sue Boggs

1994- DC Camarily Mesquite- Bob/Marylee Sloane

1994- DC AFC Linden’s Belle Star CD MH VC- Linda/Denny Keeton

1996- BISS DC AFC Mar-Ed’s Ask’m He Knoz SH VC- Ed/Margaret Schaefer

1997 DC AFC Desert Storm’s Jet Tripper- Stephanie Russo

1998- DC AFC SnowRidge Nokomis- Randy/Sue Boggs

1998- BISS DC AFC Red Oak’s Storman Normin MH- Laura Bauman

1999- DC AFC Rebel Rouser’nLindens Cyote SH VC CGC TDI- Linda/Denny Keeton

2001- DC AFC Copperfield’s High Roller- Ed Kottmeier

2002 DC Fieldstone Lord Fox of Lindn JH- Paul Rothan, Handler- Keeton/Vader

2003- DC AFC Wildwood’s Back With Zack MH VC- Keeton/Hawkins

2006- DC AFC Rimfire’s Upwind Double Jeopardy- Debby Fridlund Lynn

2007- BISS DC AFC SnowRidge Gunfire Flynn JH- Steve Whitney
2008 DC AFC Lindens Kantankerous Drifter- Linda/Denny Keeton
2008 DC AFC DartDart- jp ;-)



1972- DC AFC Sir Lancelot HOF- Bill Goodman, Handler Denes Burjan

1975- DC NFC Sir Amber Sam- Schultz, Handler Denes Burjan

1979- DC W D Regina- Roscoe, Handler- Del Seelye

1979- DC AFC Valhi’s Liberty Valance- Lutz, Handler _ ???

1984- DC Pride’s Joy- John Books, Handler- Del Seelye

1984- DC AFC Bo Sassy Delibab- Handler- Del Seelye

1984- DC AFC Willie’s Cedar Chip CD VC- Julia BonarHandler? Del?????

1985- DC Popple Dungeon Super Star- Books, Handler- Del Seelye

1986- DC AFC Popple Dungeon Trillium- Zezza- Handler- Del Seelye

1987 DC AFC Semper Fi Chesty Puller MH- Al Lucas

1989 BISS DC AFC Riverbend’s Deacon’s Dandy CD ROM VC- Kitty Pullen

1991- DC AFC Semper Fi Montezuma- Al Lucas

1993- DC AFC Sir Kiss Janos of Shipping- Carnes, Handler- Del Seelye

1993- DC AFC Hodag’s Hunter UDX(2) MH VC NA NAJ ROM HOF- Jack Sharkey

1994- DC Mattapex Winsome Girl- Carnes

1995- DC AFC MACH OTCH Legacy’s DeChartay UDX (5) MH VC HOF- Jack Sharkey

2001- DC AFC Keytone Upwinds Double Dippity- Julia Bonar

2003- DC AFC Rebel Rouser Orion JH- Pat Hudson- Handlers-Seelye/Pomfret

2006- DC AFC Huntley- Jack Sharkey

2006- DC AFC Bitteroot Semper Fi Cutter- Clint Sails



1971- BISS DC Brook’s Amber Mist HOF- Tony Lucas

1972- DC AFC Amber’s Windy Autumn HOF- Phil Rosenberg

1974- DC  Rippi of Webster Woodlands- Ken Crago

1975- DC AFC Jodi’s Jumpn Bing Bang Bucz- Jim Busch

1976- DC AFC NFC Brook’s Willie Whompum HOF- Tony Lucas

1985- DC AFC Caesar’s Image Barging Buck- Geno Woehrle

1986- DC AFC Askim MH- Jim Busch

1991- DC AFC Greffin’s Ha’Penny MH- Greffins

1991- DC AFC Mehagian’s KRC’s Phoenix Fridge- Mark Johnson

1992- DC AFC NFC Corky- Dave Lee

1994- DC AFC Reckless Ballofire SH- Tony/Gina Ordonez

2000- DC AFC Maximum Strider SH- Wanda Berner

2000- DC AFC Outbound Ike- Tony/Gina Ordonez

2002- DC AFC Berry’s Borne To Be Wilde- Cheryl Ebert; Handler Gary Jagoda

2006- DC Crimson’s Twenty Gauge JH- Mark Spurgeon



1967- DC Futaki Darocz HOF- Bela Hadik, Handler- Chauncey Smith

1970- DC Szkeres Kis Szereto- Owner/Handler- Chauncey Smith

1973- DC AFC Pirolin- Carlo Zezza, Handler- Chauncey Smith

1977- DC AFC Janos VW Come Lately- Whitman

1980- DC AFC Bratt’s FK Gippen- Kent; Handler- Chauncey Smith

1984- DC AFC FK’s Rivendell Reaghan MH CDX VC HOF- C. Smith

1986- DC AFC Futaki Marci- Remmer, Handler- Chauncey Smith

1986- DC AFC Upwind Selkie- Lisa Deforest

1991- DC AFC Melto n Futaki’s Rapstone Red SH- Worth/Smith

1999- DC AFC Sienna Gold Tidal Victory SH- Kathryn Munhall Seelye

2001- DC AFC Upwind Chas’n My Jason- Elizabeth DeForest

2002- DC Piper’s Upwind of Bunker Hill- Valerie Piper; Handler Bob Seelye
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