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Versatile- A Short Story 


Versatile is the word that springs out first when it comes to Hungarian desires for their once golden Hungarian Pointer. While to the Magyars “versatile” means fur, feather, land, water, retrieve, point, hunt, obey.
For the Vizsla to succeed the world wide, it must be versatile enough to suit the individual fancies in those countries. With civilization creeping in upon all of us, and hunters, once a noted vocation, is no more on a worldwide basis. To add to the evolving changes for the Vizsla’s job, one must consider the laws that have also changed the Vizsla’s fate.


Fanciful Hungarians have claimed that the Vizsla has existed as pure for over a thousand years and has always been a breed within its own circumference. That is likely not true. Particularly since we know that in Czeckoslovakia the stud books recorded both smooth & wire Vizslas in the same registry & the Vizsla bloodlines used in successive generations for Wires did so for Smooths, particularly in one Rex Selle, one of the three greatest sires in the fifties,  whose sire & dam are recorded as wires, not smooths as their son Rex was.


What we know is this, the Vizsla is surely descended from a shorthaired yellow hunting dog that during the 150 years of Turkish occupation in the twelfth, thirteenth century had evolved into the name “Vizsla”.


We also know the Vizsla has survived because versatile is indeed a breed trait for more than just hunting. Our breed met all of the needs of their first owners from companions, hunters, guards.
As the breed does today regardless of technology, country, interest or century. The Hungarians wouldn't have it any other way.
This website composes the private and public collections & lifetime investments of Vizslak peoples around the world with an initial focus on the USA & the field because that is the information SITmUP has far. Please "respect" our collective work on and do not use in an unexpected way. The individual collections form the cornerstones of every Vizsla living and owned by "you" today.
If respected by the readers, the information on this website will remain & grow.
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