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Kitty Pullen @ 2004 NGDC by dlb


  1. Decide on breed, sex and bloodlines. Time six months. 183 family conferences.
  2. Buy books, THE VIZSLA, YOUR VIZSLA, TRAINING THE BIRD DOG. Build kennel 50.00 Time: three weekends
  3. Pick up pup, pay cleaning bill, minute car wash, neighborís hose (silk and garden) $25.00 Time: 15 minutes each
  4. Put pup in kennel, answer phone, console neighbors, explain to Police, take Pup in house. Replace rug, replace couch and theree chairs, also wifeís shoes and favorite hat $650.00 Time: 1 week (Note: kennel good place to store lawn mower, garden tools, etc.)
  5. Work Pup on wing, points beautifully, brag to hunting buddies, kids think wing good fun, chases good, points no more, replace lawn. $175.00 Time: 4 weekends.
  6. Buy pigeons, quail scent, check cord, blank pistol, walking boots, hunting jacket and pants. Use wifeís sewing kit for collars, leashes, etc. Join Vizsla Club, rise 4AM twice a week, attend field trials, miss church, explain to minister, explain to wife, make larger contributions to church (Send check by wife), make payment on vetís new Continental. $600. Time: one summer and early fall (got points on pup!)
  7. Invite buddies to go hunting, points beautifully, shot missed, chases good, flushes exceptionally well, ranges good (300 yards). Pay motel bill, pay restaurant checks, explain to buddies, wife pays gas bill, explain to wife, take family to dinner. $200.00 Time: One weekend
  8. But more books, read same. $15.00 Time: one night.
  9. Same as Item #6 (Exception- use same sewing kit and pistol) Time: one year
  10. Go hunting alone, hide bills from wife, take family out to dinner, explain to wife. $1/2 of Item 7. Time; one weekend
  11. Talk to pro, ship dog. Board, birds, air freight, training etc $500.00 Time; 11 months.
  12. Same as Items 7.8 and 10. Talk to wifeís lawyer, buy new dog mat, place on right side of fireplace, explain to wife about new pup. $225.00 Time: one month
  13. Buy acreage in country, care for wife, car for teenager, build fence and kennels, buy station wagon and crates, explain to finance company, cut wifeís and kidís allowances, borrow $40,000.00 Time: 6 months.
  14. Same as Items 4 through 11 $ ??? Time: 2yrs.
  15. Explain to judge, explain to boss, explain to friends and family why wife moved to town. Explain to psychologist and vet about bills, buy more dog mats, buy more books, install heat and cot in kennel building.
  16. Bankruptcy court appoint legal guardian, visit at own risk, mentally incompetent ward, State Hospital, Chicago, Illinois
  17. (this was submitted from Darrel Crosswhite when I was editor of the Illinois news in 1973, LB) VIZSLA FIELD Feb1981




             Back Then          36 Years Later

        EXPENSE           EXPENSE  

1.                            $500 telephone.cellphone bill

2. $50                   $80 for books, $500 for kennel

3. $25                   $1,060

4. $650                  $1,159

5. $75                   $1,500

6. $600                  $900 and without paying entry fees

7. $200                  $450

8. $15                   $150

9. $15                   $150

10. $100                $225

11. $500                $4,500

12. $315                $885

13. $40,000         $500,000

14. $2,330           $8,700

15.                       $1,800



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