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My Name is Trixie



"By the way, in conversation with old timers, I've heard that your father's first truly successful Vizsla (Trixie, I believe the name was) accused of running All Age for the time when she was in competition. Wasn't she part of the Behi line foundation stock?" Gary Jagoda


The Vizsla referred to is DC Behi’s Csinos Csiny CD HOF (Trixie). She was accused of a lot of things (Said with a fond smile). Was she capable of all-age performances that matched the true definition of what must be vizualized for an IDEAL all-age dog ? You betcha. But was she a true all-age dog ? Well now, let me tell you just a part of her story and you be the judge of her “accusers”.


There are five necessary requirements for contributing to the picture of a genuine high class bird dog. They are desire, intelligence, trainability, athletic skills including stamina and heart. The real bird dogs have a heart as big as the outdoors. It ain’t Magyar if it don’t have heart.


This was a bitch who was so consumed with desire that nothing else could interject or impede her progress. Her desire was such that she was a surgeon intricately slicing down tree lines, quartering or halving when necessary, picking objectives when that was the most ideal way to hunt the course at the fastest speed that called for the terrain, the birds and the conditions. She would hurt herself and still continue. Quit was a four letter word and not in this bitch’s vocabulary. Her First Place at her first field trial was done with a ripped up shoulder. She did not care if she was trialing or hunting, swimming or running. Trixie was full out, all out Vizsla.


This was a bitch whose intelligence and her understanding that “she” was “competing” and had to make her hunting performance superior to her brace mate, she got rather creative in learning the ropes of field trials. During Trixie’s times almost all Gun Dog, All-Age courses had birdfields. You broke away at point A, went straight out to point B and turned right or left. Went to point C to make a ninety degree turn back to the birdfield point D which was always relatively close to point A, the breakaway.


Trixie knew all of this so she decided to scout the birdfield since she knew the pot of gold set fluttering under the field trial birdfield rainbow, She would cut course, cruise the bird field, find out where all three birds were planted (Back then, time out was called on all points, that meant the other dog was brought in to honor and you worked that bird)(Anybody who’s dog got on point and was competitive would try to beat the other dog to the next bird) Trixie could have won an Academy Award with her acting all innocent whenever she disappeared and showed back up within four or five minutes. If she didn’t check back, you knew she was on point somewhere.


One spring field trial Trixie cut course and was on point a lengthy time. By the time the gallery and handler who figured she did what she did would be on point when he arrived at the bird field. This time she cut her pads so after that she contented herself to peek at where the birds were being planted and then relocating herself back on course to come into the birdfield and find all three planted birds.


By the time that Bob and Marylee Sloane came into Vizslas Trixie had her strategy worked out to a fine art. Bob’s first time planting birds at Kildeer Plains in the birdfield, had this strange feeling after he walked into the birdfield to decide where to plant the bird. He shook it off and starts swinging the pheasant so it can “slept” when he saw Trixie standing there politely watching where he would plant her bird. Poor Bob, I bet he still remembers that day. Bob planted the bird and Trixie disappeared to catch up with the gallery, probably innocently appearing as if from a very long all-age cast that hadn’t resulted in anything because she was back. I have no doubt that she thanked Bob later for planting that bird where she said.


Trixie more than any other Vizsla changed the physical edge of field trialing during her life and has brought to us today the process of field trialing we mostly use (few birdfields) Why when we were kids and field trialing, everyone and I do mean everyone saw the bird fields. We would be at GSP Field Trials (They were our(kid’s) favorite for scout spies) Me, and Nancy, Randy and Carl would float next to people likely to talk about Trixie. And a lot of people talked about that bitch in her lifetime. We made ourselves self appointed information relayers back to the strategem, my dad’s competitive juices. Nobody who had GSP’s ever thought to look down, they were too busy looking around to see if anyone heard them when there was eight eager ears to trap and carry. That was so much fun for us kids. We thought we were Maxwell Smart or somebody, you know ? We heard such a lot of great stuff that I can’t remember one single word (grin)


When Trixie came into field trialing the parking lot was full of station wagons. In 1967 BC Boggs bought the first van (white) from Ohio. Bought horses and life became set. The only way Trixie could really be beat was when she was too busy messing with herself to take time to beat you. She was one very smart bird bitch.


This was a bitch that was so trainable it would never have mattered who she belonged to. She was destined to be a bright rising star that soared the zeniths of desire. Trixie came trained. Then she trained you.


This was a bitch that was so athletically gifted that watching her hunt, perform, show, field trial seemed like a gift from God. And he saved his most wonderful creature for us, the Vizsla.


This was a bitch whose heart consumed her whole. You could not take the bird out of her heart or her brain. She would do or she would get you to or she would pick somebody out to get her whatever it took to go play for the field.


If you wanted a high class bird dog to hunt with, Trixie fit that bill with the quality she displayed to every other part of her life. She performed many hours of hunting rabbit, quail and pheasant. Trixie also raised up two other gunners with Randy and Carl getting to hunt as young adults behind a bitch destined to belong in the Vizsla Club of America Hall of Fame.


If you wanted a Gun Dog, Derby, Puppy or an All-Age performance from Trixie, you had it. Back then the handlers handled ALL THE GUN DOG STAKES ON FOOTt and ONLY HANDLED FROM HORSEBACK when they were running an all age stake because they knew the HORSES WOULD PUSH THE DOGS OUT. Trixie didn’t care if you wanted to do a National Shoot To Retrieve, a Gun Dog, a Derby, an AKC Water Trial, a National Specialty, an All-Age, hunt rabbits in Nebraska, hunt pheasant in South Dakota, hunt quail in Tennessee. It didn’t matter if the retrieve was land or water. If you were gonna do it, she was gonna do it with you. And she did nothing in life halfway.


Trixie gloried in the “seek” part of the hunt. She dissected a Puppy, a Derby, a Gun Dog, an All-Age course into the picture of the complete hunting Vizsla. That is seek, point, retrieve and do it all over again as long as it takes before you quit. She did all of this regardless of the styled course or terrain and did it in some mighty poor weather. She did all of this in mostly all-breed pointing breed competition. Back in the sixties Vizsla club field trials were few and far between.

Count Bela Hadik reached in, picked out and up Trixie, and that was the dog that was to be the foundation bitch of Behi Vizslas and the first of many Dual Champions. Trixie cost 150$ and came from money saved and money earned. Trixie’s get provided the foundation get for Paradox Vizslas, Snow Ridge Vizslas and Mudsville Vizslas and provided cornerstone bloodstock for those that followed. The youngest Boggs kid has no official kennel name but his house certainly doesn’t lack for dual quality Vizslas. 

Trixie’s name Csinos Csiny in Hungarian meant well built trick, and that she was. She was precocious from the very beginning and at six months started her public career, no…….not dog shows or field trials, we mean her reign as public star. Trixie did more to educate the public at kindergarden schools, folks festivals, sporting venues capping it off as one of the prime exhibits at the Dog House at the Ohio State Fair. Trixie always put on a show and Trixie knew exactly where her glory came from. She treated everyone who approached her in life as “her” fan.


The winsome smile becomes larger as I remember days long gone by(Ohio State Fair) , of Trixie retrieving raw eggs to a quivering child’s hand to climbing on top of the Dog House doghouse by walking climbing the ladder. Summer after summer, we never missed being an exhibit at the Ohio State Fair. Hard to say how many years we were there.


1966 was Trixie’s big dog show year. She was Best of Winners at the prestigious Chicago International and competed in the indoor field trial where tons of dirt, rocks, trees, etc were hauled in and built up. She took Winners Bitch at the VCA National Specialty and finished her show championship in November. By 1966 Trixie was proving slow to mature and break to wing and shot so she was pointed toward her Companion Dog rating in Obedience. With no formal training she picked up two legs in summer of 67 and got the third leg in four tries during 68 without practice through that entire last year because of the dead puppy litter and injuring her vertebrae. In September it should be noted that Trixie participated as usual at the Dog House in the Ohio State Fair just like….none of that ever happened. She did demonstrations of obedience, show, field, retrieving, climbing. Trixie was a real trouper.


Below are the field points necessary for the field portion of Trixie’s DC.


Vizsla Club of America, Bloomfield, Iowa, May ½ 1965 Open Puppy (Trixie’s first field trial) (3)

Vizsla Club of Illinois, Bong Recreation Area March 30/31 1955, Amateur Gun Dog(3)

Vizsla Club of Greater Cleveland, Kildeer Plains October 2/3 Open All-Age (3)

Buckeye German Shorthaired Pointer Club, Delaware, Ohio, Mar 27/28 1971 (3) Open Gun Dog


Some of Trixie’s lifetime accomplishments.


She was the first Vizsla Dual with titles at both ends of her registered name.

She won all-age stakes and was a classic all-ager if handled from horseback.

She won all-age, all-breed WATER retrieving trials.

She was a wonderful Gun Dog when handled from foot.

She was hunted over many hours and her entire life had a classy out standing ground race and was a bird finding machine.

Her personal find record for trialing was eleven finds in less than thirty minutes.

She was winner of over 32 all breeds National Shoot To Retrieve at the age of twelve in Indiana.

She was used in school demonstrations all of her life, some as far away as Colorado.

She promoted the breed through her many public appearances and the film of her life, but primarily through her work in the field and the water.

She brought new owners into the breed and was a catalyst in keeping others.

She was handled by many different people, men, women, children to field/water wins.

She was the friendliest of Vizslas until it came to unauthorized access to her white van.

She loved to play as if a puppy until her last year. Field judges asked her age at trials when she was eleven thinking she was a very young gun dog.

She had ESP and was known to take the bit in her teeth, so to speak, and deliberately break if her bracemate was green or displayed bad manners in order that he would get the bird before her. Her manners were outstanding in all other situations.

She was human imprinted by her many various associations and could spot a sucker a mile away.


DC Behi’s Csinos Csiny CD HOF was a dog for the ages and this breed. This is the type dog that deserves to be in the VCA Hall of Fame. That space should be reserved for the truly elite, those that contribute in as versatile and classy a manner as possible. And that spark that delights judges and breeder’s eyes live on with their get.


Now….I could go into Trixie’s legacy, but I figure I have talked long enough this fair evening. Consider it said…and believed that DC Behi’s Csinos Csiny CD HOF was not only a good looking field dog in a complete and versatile package that had the smarts and the desire that wraps around what we call a Dual Champion. Trixie was a spokesman for the Hungarian Vizsla with every breath she took, with every deed that was done. 


She was the dog of a life time.. She lived. She breathed. She was….Vizsla.


Diana Louise Boggs


I still see little piece of Trixie….today


But ?? if you concentrate on little pieces, you will have missed out on all the very best parts of what being a Vizsla……really means. They hunt best where, what and why you are fielding and look great doing it all day long to come to snore fitfully at your stocking clad fireplace rocking chair. Until the morrow, when you do it all over again. That was Trixie all day, every day.


You can call or accuse this dog of being an all age dog if that’s what floats your boat. Or you can claim the success of those Vizslas who directly followed her due to being accused of an All-Age dog. But you will have been fooled my friends. It is the DESIRE, Unending DRIVE that makes this what I call her    …Trixie, a pretty good trick and one VERY fine high class bird dog.
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