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Spring 1981 Miami Valley Vizsla Club Field Trial

(by unknown, VIZSLA FIELD, May 1981, Editor Bill Fisher)
L to R: Carol Feder & Hilda Boggs
, Stan Weiss, Clif Boggs & Paul Rothan


And the rains came…..the cold came….the winds were ever present. Sounds like a Victorian novel you say, no, it was only a typical spring Kentucky weekend. The Lloyds Wildlife Area became muddy and lonely, with only a few hardy souls venturing out as a gallery.


The birds were delivered late after the Schroaders narrowly missed having a serious accident on the expressway. Everyone’s concern over their safety (the birds and the Schroaders) was evident. Thanks to Clif Boggs and his thinking ahead, enough birds were on hand to start the trial and lasted up to the exact time the others arrived.


Paul Rothan and Cliff Boggs did a marvelous job as Chairman and Secretary, being senior members of the MVVC, they always put on a professional performance.


We had several new faces at our trial, some running a puppy or derby for the first time- William Hayward, Harry Mamassion and Linda Shubert. Welcome and we’ll expect you again and again. Other newcomers were there to observe, or to pick up poppies; we had three litters there, Ron and Julia Bonar, Paul and Shirley Rothan and Bob and Sharon Schroader, all proud “grandparents”. Ed and Kathy Kottmeier representing the new Gateway Vizsla Club from St Louis were attending their first field trial. Again, a hearty welcome, and we hope you will visit and participate with us at every opportunity.


In closing may I speak on behalf of all club members-thanks to the tireless efforts of our birdplanters, marshals, hospitality and our judges, Ken Crago and Mike Florian. You made our trial a success.


Now for the results.



  1. DC Behi Csecse Gyors Lab (Fleeta)- Clif Boggs
  2. DC Fieldstone’s Hey Duke- Stan Weiss
  3. Ch Ceasar’s Image Barging Buck- Geno Woehrle
  4. Redef’s TaTa Beki Khan- David Kayser



  1. Beau Jangles II- Paul Rothan
  2. Rebel Rouser Raketa Rozsda- Hank Rozanek
  3. Semper Fi Chesty Puller- Al Lucas
  4. Randy Bee’s Rambling Man- Joe Manning

HM- Questover’s Renaissance- Kristin Keller



  1. Rebel Rouser Yankee- Hank Rozanek
  2. Bo Sassy Delibab- Del Seelye
  3. Pride’s Joy- Del Seelye
  4. Rebel Rouser Rosey- Hank Rozanek



1-    Withheld

2-    Clines Roguette Blitz

3-    Ch Fieldstone’s Tip Top Timmy

4-    Maralee BB Duke David



  1. Ch Fieldstone’s Tip Top Timmy- Paul Rothan
  2. Ch Camarily Rambling Rose CD- Bob Sloan

¾ Withheld



(Editor’s notes dlb in italics) Please note there was no Amateur Limited Gun Dog Stake, which made that Championship even more difficult to obtain because of fewer opportunities.


Ch Fieldstone’s Tip Top Timmy was destined to be an NAFC, DC and AFC. Redef’s Tata Beki Khan became a FC and AFC. Ch Caesar’s Image Barging Buck became a DC and AFC. Semper Fi Chesty Puller, Randy Bee’s Rambling Man, Bo Sassy Delibab became DC and AFC’s. Ch Camarily Rambling Rose CD was WB/BW at the national 79 Specialty judged by Miklos Farkashazi.


In the litters listed as present were several future Dual Champions and one future VCA HOFer.



1981 MVVC FT Caboose by dlb

This blurb appeared in VIZSLA FIELD, September 1981, Editor-Bill Fisher



Cherrybend Pheasant Farm, Wilmington, Ohio

November 7/8 1981


This trial had previously been advertised to be held at Lloyd’s Wildlife Area, Crittenden, Ky


Due to Deer Season at Lloyd’s Wildlife Area at Crittenden, Kentucky the MVVC ft location has been changed. So I expect all those who begged for Cherrybend to show up. The grounds are beautiful with the gently rolling hills and is pheasant heaven. We will run five stakes with a possibility of concurrent courses one or both days. There is NO LIMIT on entries and All Vizsla entries will be accepted. This trial is perfect for Easterners to hit on the way backl from Nationals. Entries close November 3, 1981 Tuesday at 7pm. This will ? Possibly ? be another chance to beat the National Amateur Champion and National Champion. I am sure the MVVC will capture both crowns or die trying. At any rate, celebrate the end of another Field Trial season with us. For more information contact FT Secretary Clara Kayser, 616 Mercury Dr, Cincinnati, Ohio or FT Chairman Diana Boggs, 82 Dover Dr, Erlanger, Ky 41018.
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