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Those Were The Days 60/70s Photo Gallery
(Over 30 photos added on 070309)
    Hilda Boggs showing a future HOFer at sixties VCA Specialty, Shirley Rothan & at the Ohio State Fair.
                                           Photos courtesy of Clif Boggs
                      Me, My first Vizsla; my childhood home & a Shirley Rothan visit.
                                           Photos provided by Clif Boggs
                           Betty Kenly with Ripp HOF, John Ingram & Clif Boggs toasting "The Vizsla" 1973
                Behi CseCse Raketa CD (Mimi) foundation bitch for Paradox Vizslas 
                            Photos provided by Joan Hunt, Clif Boggs & Diana Boggs
             I believe the correct identification on these two photos (discrepancy
 between VIZSLA NEWS & two labeled photos from the Hunt Collection are as follows; 
           L: Derekas Rex Selle with owner Cline; R- FC Osborn's Starfire with Fred Shulze
BISS Ch Brok Selle Son of a Gun HOF, BIS BISS Taunees Loki Santana HOF & FC AFC Behi CseCse Csiny with Nancy Boggs Heinold. Photos provided by Diana Boggs, Marion Coffman & Clif Boggs.
               Csickas of Goncoltanya, Annavolgyi Arany & Gellert Csintalin, Rothan at Killdeer Plains & Shirley Rothan at Boggs pond. Photos provided by Joan Hunt & Clif Boggs
Osborn & Hunt at a VCA Nationals, Sharon Schroader/Carol Feder & DC Trixie HOF with Hilda Boggs
                                       Photos provided by Joan Hunt & Clif Boggs
       Ch Szekeres Kelet Szel shown by Hilda Boggs at the 1969 VCA Specialty
             Sharon Schroader & Carol Feder at the New Jersey 1979 Specialty.
    Nelson Whiteman, Paul Rothan & Clif Boggs in fourth. Photo is from the sixties.
    Carol Feder, Fran Johnson, Hilda Boggs & Julia Bonar. Photo is from the seventies.
         Shirley & Paul Rothan & Dave Kayser watching a seventies MVVC Specialty; Bob & Marylee Sloane. Photos provided by Clif Boggs.
    Shirley Rothan & DC Roz HOF; Paul Sabo & Rippy; Carl Amweg & Trump.               
                     Photos from the Boggs Collection..
                Jim Arrasmith/dog, Paul Rothan/Rozsda & Julia Bonar/Deacon
                                 Dick & Shirley Reinhardt, Haans V Selle owners
Adelbert (Del) Seelye, Helen Seelye & Virginia McHaney. Photos provided by Clif Boggs.
Jane Graff talking to Hilda Boggs & Virginia McHaney & the famous pheasant sweaters.
The Holzworth ladies, owners of DC AFC Victor of Holzworth farms. Photos by Clif Boggs
DC Rippi & Ken Sharpshooter Crago, Working Dogs at the Boggs home (Diana, Jinks, CseCse) Photos by Clif Boggs.
  Clif Boggs with Trixie HOF, Ch Csopi v Hunt with Jane to be Forsythe & Hunt brace.
       Photo provided by Clif Boggs & the two right photos provided by Joan Hunt.
          Paul Rothan & Clara Kayser, Maggie Z Selle & the first Weedy Creek litter
                            Photos provided by Clif Boggs and Jane Graff
           Stan Weiss, Clif Boggs, Paul Rothan, Carol Feder & Hilda Boggs
                                Tommy & Patty in the late seventies.
Ch Csickas of Goncoltanya with loot, FC AFC Behi CseCse Csiny with Nancy & Shirley Rothan with Aubrammel. Photos courtesy of Joan Hunt & Clif Boggs
                   Paul Sabo Jr with Ripp Barat HOF; Seventies national placements
                                                     Photos provided by Clif Boggs




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