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As early as 1951 Frank Tallman fully intended to have a Code of Ethics for the fledgling USA Magyar Vizsla Club. It is not known "at this time" whether this copy was complete. Some COE copies that have floated around for nearly sixty years were minus four items that were considered too arbitrary to attract new Magyar Vizsla owners in the USA & were dispensed with in the early fifties.
No member of the Vizsla Club or owner of a Vizsla shall at any time sell or otherwise convey a Vizsla to any person not subscribing fully to this CODE OF ETHICS


No owner or lessee of a Vizsla bitch shall breed her before her second season rather than the months of age being the dividing line.


No owner or lessee of a Vizsla male shall use the dog at stud before it has reached 15 months of age, although it is preferred that 18 months be the starting time.


No owner or lessee of a Vizsla bitch that is sub standard or mismarked shall use same as a brood matron at any time; nor shall any owner or lessee of a Vizsla male that is sub standard or mismarked use same as stud, whether at public offering or for said owner of lessee’s own stock.


Prices asked for puppy or grown Vizsla stock shall be a matter of the seller’s own desire and conscience. However, it is the hope and prayer of the founders of the Vizsla that we may count on everyone giving the purchasers “dollar values”.


Sub standard stock shall be castrated or sprayed and sold or given away as pets, or may be destroyed.


Members of the Vizsla Club and owners of the Vizsla stock shall be responsible for the type of persons to whom they all stock and hold accountable.


The Vizsla Club shall have a breeder’s committee that for a period of five years from July 1, 1951 shall act as breed wardens for the Vizsla, and all breedings shall be done on this committee’s advice. The committee in no way can set stud fees, but it can advise correct matings for the future benefit of the breed. Breeders shall contact the committee well in advance of season, giving breeding data on the bitch to be bred, and its age and furnish a description to the committee the date of stud services, and the owner of the Bitch shall advise the committee of the arrival of the litter, giving a count of each sex. The committee’s secretary shall record all data to report at annual meetings or on request of the President for transmission to the membership.


The Vizsla Club shall name a secretary or executive director, to whom the breeder’s committee shall send its data, and owners of the Vizsla stock shall file with the secretary or executive director, the names, ages and breeding of all stock and said officer shall maintain a miniature stud book until such time as the American Kennel Club shall recognize the Vizsla as a breed with all AKC rights. At such time the said responsible officer shall file with the AKC a copy of the club registrations of all such stock


The Vizsla is a hunting dog of note, it is preferable that all stock be field trained and used, and proved in the field before false claims are made of ability. However, at no time shall owners of Vizsla be frowned upon for making bench show entries of their dogs, as this is necessary for “window dressing”. Also, owners shall be encouraged to go into obedience, where the intelligence can be well illustrated.





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