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 CH Csickas of Goncoltanya
Puppy Winner @ the first MVCOA Regional Field Trial
Drawing/Graphic by dlb

Edís Note: On the eve of the VCOAís 1st Vizsla National Club Championship stake, letís go back 20 years to the 1st field trial held by the Magyar Vizsla Club of America. This is reprinted from the September 1955 issue of VIZSLA NEWS, then Editor Charles Hunt


The inaugural trial of the Magyar Vizsla Club of America, held at Fort Snelling, Minnesota on September 25, was a most successful venture. An early morning sun soon had the crowd in shirt sleeves but by mid-morning the erratic wind again changed direction; clouds soon overcast the sky and by noon there was an increasing chilliness in the air. The large gallery included Vizsla Club members from as far as California and New York, Missouri, Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa and a majority of the Minnesota group also being well represented. The food tent, presided over by Mrs W A Olson and Mrs M M Chatfield, proved most popular with all. The gunners, who gave a flawless exhibition, were Russell Semo and Walter Johnson. Alex Koich and Axel Soderberg handled the bird planting assignment to perfection. Lloyd Olson proved a most competent marshall.


The judicial chores were handled by Fred Schulze and Joseph Deiss, both of St Paul, Minnesota.


OPEN PUPPY STAKE, (four Vizslas) Csickas of Goncoltanya, owned by your scribe of Richton Park, Illinois, trained and handled by Jeno Dus, displayed laudable range and found and retrieved one bird to hand. The winnerís second point was observed by the judges by missed by the handler, who called his charge off stand.


Bunko of Goncoltanta, owned by Jeno Dus, handled by Charles Hunt was awarded second place. Bunko, owned by Jeno Dus, handled by Hunt, was awarded second place. Bunko won his placement by showing good progress on course, handling well. Found one bird laying in an open spot and clearly did not know what to make of a tame bird. A promising Derby with more experience.


Brilliant, owned and handled by John Ruping of Latham, New York, third. Ranged admirably but was not sure of himself in the bird field


Urfi of Goncoltanya, owned and handled by Jeno Dus probably would have shown better in back stretch had he not been braced with littermate. Mr Dus, with more American-style field experience, will produce serious contenders for Derby honors. (By this reporterís error, Brilliant was listed in second place in the report to the American Field)


OPEN DERBY- 6 entries

Rakk Selle, owned by Dr I S Osborn of LeSuer, Minnesota. Paul Sabo, handler, had two finds and good retrieves, showed two finds and good retrieves; showed excellent range but was not steady on first point.


Mike V Nadudvar, owned and handled by John Ruping, ran well on course; found and pointed one bird, broke at shot, and was a trifle unsteady on retrieve.


Arva Selle, owned by N K Crawford of Champaign, Illinois, Paul Sabo, handler, found one bird which flushed wild and was uncertain on retrieve.


Hilo V Schloss Loosdorf, also owned and handled by John Ruping of Latham, NY, placed fourth. Had range but was uncertain in field.


The other starters were Mike Szikla Selle owned by K R Johnson, Panni V Schloss Loosdorf, owned by W A Olson.


  1. Rakk Selle 533519, dog by Rex Selle/Asta Olca, owned by Dr I S Osborn, Paul Sabo handler.
  2. Mike V Nadudvar, unreg dog by Alcon v Schloss/Trixie v Nadudvar, John Ruping, owner and handler
  3. Arva Selle, 533523, bitch by Rex Selle/Asta Olca, owned by N K Crawford, handled by Paul Sabo



Gingo v Schloss Loosdorf, owned by W A Olson and J A Hatfield of Minneapolis, won the Shooting Dog Stake after a thrilling eight minute second series with Dr I S Osbornís Brok Olca. Gingo gained top laurels on two finds and retrieves while Brok had one find in the run-off. Both of these dogs gave great performances. In the initial series, Gingo found one bird on which he was steady: there was no retrieve on this, as it was the only miss made by the gunners. Gingo was solid on his second find, making a laudable retrieve to hand. His range was excellent. Brok Olca was credited with two finds the first time down: was not steady on first point, settled and then made a fair retrieve. Found second bird at the gun, was steady and made a swell retrieve. Lorali Armstrong, who is responsible for much of the training of the winner, was awarded the 1950 Gaines Award for being outstanding youngster of the year in dog training and achievement.


Third went to Mike v Nadudvar, owned by John Ruping. Mike had two finds; staunch on first and made good retrieve. Second find was not as steady, a running bird probably causing confusion. Showed excellent range.


Fourth went to Ajaz v Taszalpha owned by Morris Chatfield. Ajaz had good range, made one find; was steady to wing but retrieve was not too sharp.


The other starters were Mike v Schloss Loosdorf, owned and handled by Harry Holt; Csickas of Goncoltanya, owned by C F Hunt, Gemme  Schloss Loosdorf and Mara v Dravalogy owned by J A Hatfield; Remi z Povazia, owned by R W Hawkinson; Kati and Jutka II owned by Jeno Dus.



1st Gingo v Schloss Loosdorf, unreg, dog by Ficko/Csitri vom Komlod, J A Hatfield and W A Olson were owners with Jack Hatfield handling.


2nd Brok Olca 533505 by Csibesz I/Herta Jandak, owned by Dr I S Osborn, handled by Fred Schulze


3rd Mike v Nadudvar, unreg dog by Alcon v Schloss/Trixie v Nadudvar, John Ruping, owner and handler.



The Trial Dinner was held at Old Heidelberg Inn, was a cheerful animated, noisy success.


President Holt and his son, Marine 2st Lt Dick Holt, came from Kansas City. The Garrs, Kansas City wired their regrets. Judges Fred Schulze and Joseph Deiss were guests.


Miss Margaret Lowthian flew in from San Diego; Col Jeno Dus and Mrs Hella deDeak from Hamburg, New York; John Ruping and Bob van Wuys from Latham,m New York, Mrs Elisabeth Mihalyi from Omaha; Paul Sabo from Champaign and Mr and Mrs C F Hunt from Richton Park, Illinois. From Minnesota: MR and Mrs Kelsey (Hotel Ben Pay)Johnson of Mankato; Dr I S Osborn and guest, from Leseuer; Fred Schulze from Rosemount; J A Hatfield, Mrs Joseph Deiss Roy W Hawkinson all of St Paul; Mr and Mrs W A Olson, Mr and Mrs M M Chatfield, Mr Mike Olson, Minneapolis; Mr Earl Sprague from Villisca, Iowa.

What we know today about that first FT has been slim pickins as the above article rarely appeared in print & give it exposure. We know that retrieving was either included in judging or pleasing to the writer. We know that Jenos Dus got his feelings seriously hurt & Dus gets an attitude, he got a big one. It is impossible to understand why he never relinquished the source of the Orszagos Kennel Club Stud Books. There are numerous mentions to the missing Stud Books & Dus in writing from The Hunt Collection. There is a European history who states the Stud Books burnt in a fire. It is possible both stories are true.
It is briefly mentioned in following VIZSLA NEWS fifties articles that Jeno accused some other FTers of not being sporting gentleman. And so began the Vizsla battle (AKC style vs AFTCA style) at the very first field trial. It is likely that Paul Sabo was one of the persons Dus wasn't happy with. Sabo was from Hungary but never saw a Vizsla until he got to the US. Sabo was also not from the social structure of Bela Hadik & Jeno Dus & according to other sources appeared jealous of each other.
What else do we know?
Well...we know they wanted a broke dog for Derby. We know they seemed to use a count find for/against. We also know there were about 100 spectators for the first brace of the field trial. We know there was a run-off for first & second place in the Shooting Dog stake.
This website composes the private and public collections & lifetime investments of Vizslak peoples around the world with an initial focus on the USA & the field because that is the information SITmUP has far. Please "respect" our collective work on and do not use in an unexpected way. The individual collections form the cornerstones of every Vizsla living and owned by "you" today.
If respected by the readers, the information on this website will remain & grow.
If "you" wish to reprint whole body text or "historical photos" please request written permission from The Vizslak Sentinel by contacting .
Credit should be given by providing the appropriate Sentinel URL
when quotes or articles are republished.   
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