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Kiwi Vizsla "Holiday"
With TourGuide Dog, Delta
 Delta is shown with Jenny Hawthorn
Yes indeed, Delta or "The Mayor of Mudsville"as she is commonly referred to, is very cute. Delta is a survivor of a nearly fatal car crash & ehrlichia. She is obnoxious, bossy and some call her "a jerk" (dogs & people). She believes she has a marvelous sense of humor and has no clue that the rest of the dogs do not appreciate her humor. She loves her breed crafts. Delta was paradoxically named after a great riverboat, the Delta Queen. She has a deep... water fetish and will spend hours diving under water to fetch whatever is thrown her.
Delta is also related to many New Zealand and Australian Vizslas, including the Kiwi's through a common ancestor "Chato" who was imported by Dr Nancy Heinold DVM to Australia during the mid-80s. 
Delta was tour guide for the Kiwis in September 2010.
This is their photographic story.....
Below are graphics from many of my drawings of previous UP explorations. The weather was not cooperative for the Kiwis & they were unable to see for themselves the truest of UP glory...."color." However wethinks they got the gist of the grandeur of Lake Superior.
Delta in her Captain's hat that was acquired at National Pictured Rocks Lakeshore.
Delta scouring woods at a secret exercise place just outside of Grand Marais, Michigan.
Delta at her favorite place Lake Superior




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