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How To Raise Quail


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Care of the Dog 1901


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The Beagle


Dog of Today


How To Improve Dog Standards


Following a FT 1910


Field Trial Winners 1890 Part I


Field Trial Winners 1890 Part II


Fall FT’s 1897


The Coming Pointer 1909


Field Trial Setters/Pointers by B Waters (noted sporting dog writer)


A Word About Dog Collars


Westminster Kennel Club 1888


Summer Work for the Dog


Breeding the Sporting Dog 1904


How To Plant A Quail 1904


Choosing a Sporting Dog




First Lessons in Dog Breaking




Russian Hunting Methods


Yard Training for the Field Dog


“That Dog”


American and English Dog Show Women


Westminster 25th


Dogs and Dog Breaking


The Professional and the Amateur in Dog Breeding


American Variations of Dog Breeds


Amateur Mistakes


Pheasant Shooting in China


Kennel Review


Quail Shooting on the Snow


Boggs on Dogs 1908


Do Animals Reason


Ethics of Shooting 1908


Tails and Their Uses


Hydrophobia Delusions


Field Dog Photography


Animals in Art


How To Build Kennels


Pointer Families


A Morning With Woodcock


Bob White


Mongolian Pheasant in Oregon


Gambels Partridge


Pointer or Setter? Which?


Variation in Dog Breeding

Pointer Families 1904


Nineth Annual Ames FT


Kennel Notes-Setters


Llewellyn Setter 1896


Irish/Gordons as Field Dogs


The Individuality of Dogs-Inbreeding by Joseph Graham


American Variations of the Sporting Dog by Joseph Graham


The Dog of Today


Pedigree of the Bird Dog by Todd


Theories Regarding Scent 1901


The Irish Wolfhound 1900


Priscilla-Gun Dog Pome


Photographing Field Dogs in Action


Judge-A Retriever


Westminster Kennel Club 28th




“Canine Pets”


Rabbitting With Ferrets and Greyhounds


Odd Animals


Are Animals Sympathetic?


Fishing With a Gun



Falconry in France


Plain Bob-Pointer


Story of the Shotgun


Toy Spaniels


Bench Show Type of Setters


Caring For The Bird Dog in Close Season



Class in Sporting Dogs by Joseph Graham


Show Dogs Compared Between England and America





Ohio History 1898


Ohio History


Ohio History


Ohio History



Dog Breeding in America


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If respected by the readers, the information on this website will remain & grow.
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