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  Buried Digital Treasures Bibliograpy
This section is for those glorious subjects to reference or curl up as a way to enjoy those rainy or snowbound days. Much of the information for The Vizslak Sentinel, Vizsla Vizipedia & Vizsla Vizsmithsonian comes from these pages.
Twentieth Century Dog Volume c.1904
The Sporting Dog by Joseph Graham
The Pointer & Its Predecessors by Arkwright
I just love the old Forest & Stream books. Mind you this training book was written in 1835. My mouth hung open with the realization of how little humans have progressed in training techniques. They are the same. We just use different toys.
Here is same author & Forest & Stream, but the year is 1885. I am thinking the other is a typo & is 1885 too. Someone out there knows the longevity of Forest & Stream don't they?
This one is more of interest to the history buff. The section on the Spanish Pointer was very interesting & I fell in love with the print of a Dalmation.
There is of course that wonderful Dayton, Ohio native....Horace Lytle.
I saved the best for last. It isn't about sporting dogs but is a mezmirizing account of, I am not sure what this guy is really supposed to be. Sort of missionary or preacher but the way he tells his stories, he does not sound like a man of God in how I imagined those times to be. The story takes place in Eastern Canada/US. He has made it to Lake Superior before I uploaded & tucked this bad boy for later tonight after I get some work done. Each part just gets better. For you know it, you are there riding the dog-train in the 1850's.. The book is titled "By Canoe & Dog-Train Among The Cree & Salteaux Indians"c. 1892

Go Here & You May Never Be Seen Again !!!
The pages in this section are from & when boggled
verily provided these literary artworks.
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