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By Pat Carter (owner of Szekeres Vizslas, breeder of the first DC bitch)
DC Szekeres Kis Szereto CD HOF (first female DC)


Many people have the notion that a Vizsla is a “dog”! A Vizsla is not a dog- at least HE doesn’t think he is a dog. And who should know better than he? He couldn’t be a dog! I have come to this conclusion after careful study and set forth the following reasons for my beliefs;


First and foremost, he is a hunting companion. Before a Vizsla came into his life, my husband would take gun in hand on opening day of bird season and go off half-heartedly, hoping he would scare up a pheasant or two. Now, with one of his companions along, he eagerly looks forward to huntin- knowing that he will have the full enjoyment of watching his Vizsla work and knowing too, that there will the limit in his pouch. Seeing his Vizslas quarter a field is his joy! This joy reaches its climax when they come on point, steady and true.


In the home, a Vizsla is again a companion, a guardian of the home, a friend that I can talk to when I am alone, a buddy and a pal who is quite willing to put up with my female ways, take long walks in the country with me, or play and romp in the snow like a young colt.


He is a gentle nursemaid and playmate to all children. His is an intelligent pupil, willing and quick to learn. True, he is sometimes like a spoiled brat. When scolded becomes a coy con-artist, knowing that by looking at me with his sad eyes and touching me with his paw, my heart will melt and all will be well again.


He is a born showman! In the show ring, when he hears applause, he just knows it is for him, so he holds his head a little higher and struts along a little more proudly.


He is a regal gentleman who enjoys riding beside me in the car, looking at the world quite disdainfully as though he is saying to all, “Here I am, look me over!”


He is a bundle of energized gold, willing and ready to take on any task with unfailing spirit and enthusiasm. He is an official greeter to all comers, but he must be assured by his master that he is greeting a friend.


He is a detective, never allowing a scent or sound to go unnoticed. He must investigate the source and satisfy his curiosity.


He is a comfort seeker, would rather sleep on the bed than on the floor. He thinks couches were made for him, after all, we use them, why can’t he?


He is a prankster who will take one of our possessions and hide it, knowing full well that he will be asked to seek, then given praise when he retrieves it from where he has had it secreted.


He is a clown, a court jester, ad libbing with tricks for attention.


He is headstrong, but docile! Cautious, but daring.


He is the wind when he runs, a symphony of movement. A free soul, loving the world he lives in.


He is joy to know. A happiness to possess. A fulfillment of one’s desires. He is the owner of our home and us.


Now, I ask you, how can a Vizsla be a dog when he is all of these things?. Only “unknowing” folks would call him “a dog”. He is a Vizsla, and that sets him apart from all others. If he must be catalogued in the canine world, then we all must admit…..HE IS A KING.





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