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The MVCOA First Spring National FT 1956

Magyar Vizsla Club of America The First Spring National Field Trial (1956) by Charles Hunt 


(dlb Note: It’s been said that Nikki of Bayview was so good that had she been clean & entered in the Shooting Dog stake, she would have won it too.)


The first national spring trial of the Magyar Vizsla Club of America was held at Fort Snelling, Minnesota, May 13 & 14, 1956.


A wan morning sun vanished behind storm clouds as cars and wagons bumped slowly onto the area to inaugurate the running. By 8:15, a chilling wind began to whip flags and pennants with spatters of rain- an abrupt change form the 80 degree temperature & hot sun of the previous day. And, the day progressed the wind increased to gusts of 40 mph; rain fell steadily with the heaviest downpours, it seemed, at each brace neared the birdfield. By mid-afternoon the temperature was down to 40 degrees and spectators were snug in their cars with heaters on.


The trial went on in weather, that any self-respecting bird hunters would have given up as hopeless, seeking shelter and warmth from the elements. The dropping dogs would pause to shake themselves thoroughly and hie-on with the task of seeking birds while the handlers slogged after them.


Nearly one hundred interested spectators watched 26 Vizslas prove their rating as field dogs in a trial conceived and executed in six short weeks, with three entries from Washington State, one from Missouri, two from Illinois and the balance from Minnesota. With such short notice, the Club was fortunate in securing Gunners Walter Johnson and Russell Semo, Minneapolis who managed to keep their powder dry and gunsights clear, scoring clean hits. Bird Planters Woodward Rutherford, Norman Pickus and Ernest Dickinson had the satisfaction of knowing only three planted birds broke away too early from their spell, Marshal Lee Conradi ably handled his assignment, as did Kelsey Johnson.


The judges were Al Frush of Minneapolis and Joseph Kreig of St Paul and after each stake, they gave their reasons on the P.A. and answered questions which proved helpful to the amateur handler.


          OPEN PUPPY
          Nikki of Bayview

In the opinion of the judges and dog wise spectators, this was an astonishing exhibition of natural in running, bird awareness & courage. Not all puppies found and handled birds well, despite the rain and wet, heavy cover, they ran well, showed interest in cover, handled very well and looked for birds. Nikki of Bayview ran a hard, searching course and her work in the birdfield had all spectators standing in the rain as she slammed into two finds. The judges rated her as excellent for running, handling and bird finding. Rispe v Trutzhof had a fair back course, hunted well and had two finds in birdfield. Teko v Dravavolgy was third on his work in the back course and working a bird at the gun.


  1. Nikki of Bayview 549824 bitch, (Brok Olca x Iskra Kubis) George Yamamoto-Owner; Robert Foster-Handler
  2. Rispe v Trutzhof 551906 bitch, (Bor Gelb-Reri z Povazia) Roy Hawkinson-Owner; Fred Schulze- Handler
  3. Teko v Dravavolgy 550693 (Margo v Dravavolgy x Panni v Schloss Loosdorf) William Olson-Owner: Richard Bartusch- Handler

          OPEN DERBY- Seven Vizslas
           Nikki of Bayview    

 Nikki of Bayview’s backcourse was excellent, she searched birdy cover & looked like a veteran doing it. She was credited with one find and retrieve to hand and a solid back of her bracemate. Rakk Selle found two ducks, handled well, had one solid find in the birdfield, but bumped the bird on the second find. Judges admitted they were not positive this was a bump or a wild flyer and chose the conservative judgment. Csickas of Goncoltanya’s back course was fair, had one find but made a poor retrieve.


  1. Nikki of Bayview- 549824, bitch; (Brok Olca x Iskra Kubis), given
  2. Rakk Selle 533519 dog, (Rex Selle-Asta Olca) Doc Osborn- Owner; Fred Schulze- Handler
  3. Csickas of Goncoltanya 554433 dog, (Pik-Jutka) Charles Hunt-Owner/Handler



The rain had developed into a steady downpoor whipped by increasing winds, & visibility was decreased by low-lying storm clouds. Guy ropes had to be tightened and stakes reset in the rain to keep the food tent from collapsing in the near gale. It seemed that, as each brace entered the birdfield, rain increased in intensity to curtain much of the activity.


Brok Olca paraded beautiful work on the backcourse hunting likely cover; two finds in the birdfield with one retrieve to hand, handling well. Ajax v Tazalpha ran a good back course, had one find with perfect retrieve. Rakk Selle placed third on his strong, searching back course, handling and manners. He was not quite steady on his find but stopped on command.


          Brok Olca HOF


  1. Brok Olca
  2. Ajax V Tazalpha, unreg dog (Gingo Schloss Loosdorf-Tasza v Nadudvar Sylvia Chatfield-Owner; Fred Schulze-Handler
  3. Rakk Selle- given
         Photos from AMERICAN FIELD (late fifties



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