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The AKC Vizsla & VCA
2010 Trivial Pursuit 
 Rakk Selle, (import-foreign blood born on US soil) owned by Dr Ivan Osborn (Rakk was part of the original FDSB registration (November 1954) and theoriginal AKC registration (AKC Gazette May 1961)

Name the November 1960 dates when the 115th breed was officially

recognized by AKC & the VCOA was incorporated

Nov 25-AKC Breed Recognition       
Nov 26 for Incorporation= Vizsla Club of America, Inc


Name the longest continuous operated regional Vizsla Club
Vizsla Club of Central New England
 Name the first US Vizsla registered with an accurate 3-generation pedigree and its US registry
 Rex Del Gelsomino
Field Dog Stud Book
Name the first US Vizsla registered with the American Kennel Club

Rex z Arpadvar


In the search for a stud for Sari, why did Tallman & Scanlan refuse
to consider Vizsla/Pointer crosses
The high incidence of cancer in the European Pointer
Name the first Vizsla was imported to the USA & who was its breeder
Zsoka of Sashegy
Mihalyi Kende

Name the winner of the first field trial stake in the Americas and year

Zsoka or her daughter in the Manitoba Chicken Stake in 1940
Name the location, room number & date of the first meeting of the Magyar Vizsla Club of America


January 16, 1954          
Fort Des Moines
Hotel Room 355
Name the most important possession of the Mihalyi family when Elisabeth & family possessions escaped the Russians in 1945

Panni’s authentic pedigree

Name the #1 VCA Membership

Elisabeth Mihalyi- a true Magyar lady & queen whether in Hungary, Austria, the US, with Vizslas everywhere
When & where did the Vizsla first exhibit at a dog show
February 25, 1951    
Heart of America Kennel Club
That same year the Vizsla had their first public breed exhibition
International Kennel Club Dog Show     
April 1951
Name the first AKC Obedience title winner

Gelse v Schloss Loosdorf CD


Name the first Vizsla Obedience High In Trial

Gelse v Schloss Loosdorf CD


Name winner of the Puppy Stake/Shooting Dog Stake from the first Vizsla US Field Trial

Csicskas of Goncoltanya

Gingo v Schloss Loosdorf


 Name the dog who was most likely the very first Wirehaired Vizsla import to the USA
Harry Selle (sire of Rex Selle, grandsire of Rakk Selle & FC Brok Olca)


Name the true color of the Vizsla from Hungary
Name the famous US re-patriated Hungarian who hid the Orszagos never-recovered stud books

Jeno Dus


Name the very first translator for the fledgling USA & only Vizsla club in the world at that time

Joseph Bodi


 Name the first documented Vizsla to enter the USA & date
October 7, 1950
Name the date that Rex Del Gelsomino arrived in Kansas City, MO
June 18, 1951


Name the date that the VCOA published Dr Osborn's article about the importance of hip x-raying sire & then breeding individuals with clear hips. This was the VCOA’s first breed club accomplishment & still most important breed improvement

“Ramifications of Congenital Breeding” by Dr Osborn    

(May 15, 1961)
Name the imported Vizsla who was a daughter of a Vizsla movie-star Vizsla in one country and the dam of another Vizsla movie-star in another country


Name her movie star father & son
(Gaal) Ficko & US Ficko (There were two Fickos here, actually there were over thirty Fickos)

Name the first exported USA Vizsla
Adalyn v Hunt
Name the US breeder/exporters & export country


Charles & Joan Hunt             

United Kingdom


Name the two kinds of USA imports
Foreign blood born outside the US
Foreign blood born inside the US (one generation)
Name the person who imported the most Vizslas
Dr Ivan S Osborn
(39 plus 1 WHV)
Name five of the major importers
Frank Tallman

William Olsen

Jack Hatfield

Charles & Joan Hunt

Dr Ivan S Osborn


Name the two regional Vizsla Clubs organized before AKC Breed Acceptance


Pacific Coast Vizsla Club & the Prairie States Vizsla Club


During 1959 when Charles Hunt was preparing the Breed Standard, one item was changed. What was it?

(the height)

Name the first five-generation pedigree import

Brok Olca HOF


Name sire and dam of first 6 generation litter
Brok Olca HOF & Rata z Povazia
(a second mating yielded FC Can FC Ripp Barat HOF)
Name the two individuals & who imported & the two Vizsla puppies alleged to have been smuggled from behind the iron curtain
Jack Hatfield & William Olsen
Gemma von Schloss Loosdorf & Gelse von Schloss Loosdorf


How many 3-generation pedigrees were needed to gain full-fledged recognition with AKC in 1960

(500, today only 300 are needed)

Name the first Vizsla to capture both juvenile stakes at a Vizsla National Field Trial

Nikki of Bayview in May 1956

Name the only Hungarian who has owned & bred Vizsla Hall of Fame individuals

Count Bela Hadik


Name the fifth import by Frank Tallman & Emmett Scanlan


Pik; sire of Hunt’s CH Csicskas of Goncoltanya


Name the first, second, third, fourth (in order) Editor of VIZSLA NEWS


Charles Hunt, Norma Hatfield,

Charles Hunt & Jane Graff


Name the number of Vizsla pioneers PRESENT at the first meeting of the Magyar Vizsla Club of America

(eleven present, five proxy)


Name the “true” fathers of the Vizsla according to Clif Boggs, author of “The Vizsla”


Frank Tallman
Emmett Scanlan


Name the first US Vizsla patron who consciously tried to breed around dogs who didn't have cancer


Frank Tallman

Name the three stud TOP producing US imports during the fifties, that were foreign
Brok Olca HOF
Rex Selle
Radar z Povazia


Name the person who did it & year that the first public ad requesting Vizsla puppies appeared


Chauncey Merrill Smith, Jr in 1953



 BETWEEN 1961-1985
Name the only Vizsla to grace the cover of AMERICAN FIELD

Ch Csicskas of Goncoltanya


Name the year the Vizsla Club of America (VCOA) officially became the (VCA)

1977     Board of Directors’ decision


Name the first Vizsla Show Champion

CH Miclos Schloss Loosdorf HOF


Name the first Vizsla Field Champion


FC Brok Selle

owned by Don Anderson

bred by Dr Ivan Osborn


Name the first Vizsla Sporting Group Placement & date
Ch Csicskas of Goncoltanya, owned/bred by Charles & Joan Hunt   Feb 25, 1951
Name the first sporting dog to finish the Amateur Field Championship Vizsla & her owner 
DC AFC Brook’s Windy Autumn HOF
Phil Rosenberg


Name the first Vizsla Sporting Group First

CH Gypsy’s Bronze Bomber,
owned by Harriet Anderson
(littermate to CH Puerco Pete Barat)
Name the second show CH
CH Csicskas of Goncoltanya


Name the date of the first Vizsla litter born in the US
March 23, 1952


Name the first Dual Champion

DC Futaki Darocz HOF
Name the first female Dual Champion
DC Szekeres Kis Szereto
Name the first Vizsla Dual Champion with an obedience title
DC Behi’s Csinos Csiny CD HOF
Name the winner of the first Vizsla National Specialty, host kennel club & its date 
Gypsy’s Bronze Bomber      
Chagrin Falls OH Kennel Club
August 29, 1965


Name the first VCA President & Secretary
When it was the MVCOA, President was Frank Tallman & Secretary was Jack Baird
When it became the VCOA, President was Roy Hawkinson & Charles Hunt
Name the first & only Vizsla club to host an AKC Sanctioned Water Trial
Miami Valley Vizsla Club


Name the owner of the first FIRST in Sporting Group as a “group” (4 dogs owned by same person shown in two braces)

Charles & Joan Hunt



Name the first Vizsla to win a National Shoot To Retrieve Stake

 FC AFC Behi’s Piri Csiny owned by Jerry & Carol Feder


Name the first Vizsla breeder to create a kennel logo
Until proved otherwise that is thought to be Hank & Betty Rozanek & Rebel Rouser kennels
Name two VCA members responsible for "creating" the VCA Versatility Test
Julia Bonar & Terri Lucas


Name the first Best in Show Vizsla on the North American continent & his owner
BIS Piros of Mile High                     
Anne Debar


Name the winner of the first VCOA Sanctioned
A Match & date
Erze de Dus      
April 19, 1964


Name winner of the second VCOA Sanctioned A Match & date
Rockin Dn’s Gold Piece    
January 30, 1965



Name the first US Vizsla to earn a Canadian Championship


FC Can FC Ripp Barat HOF

Name the first USA Best In Show dog
BIS CH Napkeltei Vadasz Dalos


Name the first USA Best In Show dog bred in the USA
BIS BISS CH Debreceny Dezso
Name the top two dams from 1960-70
Tina von Debretsin     
CH Glen Cottage Diva
Name the two top sires from 1960-1970
CH Sandor von Debretsin
CH Puerco Pete Barat
Name the three untitled Vizslas in the VCA Hall of Fame
Haans v Selle
Brok Olca
Rebel Rouser Bandieto
Name the field professional handler with the most National Championship wins & the number
Denes Burjan (8)
Name the winner of the first VCA National Championship & year
1975. There was no Championship winner although Randy Duke placed first. The Championship title was withheld. Judges were Carl Richey & Ken Marden
Name the BIS winner who held his record of 7 BIS's for 25 years
BIS BISS CH Taunee’s Loki Santana CD HOF
Name the first Triple Champion & awarded first Versatility Certificate (VC)
TC Cariad's Kutya Kosta VC HOF


BETWEEN 1986-2010


Name the 2nd BIS record holder
14xBIS BISS Russet Leather Warrior's Mark
Name the current BIS record holder 17BIS BISS CH Renaissance’s Lord Of T’Dance



Name the two senior Vizsla statesmen who appeared in
ESPN Sporting Dog Chronicles, The Vizsla 
 Chauncey M Smith, Jr      
Bernard Clif Boggs


Name THE most decorated dog in AKC history



 Name the two Vizsla owners who were first to use frozen semen
Dr Nancy Boggs Heinold DVM
Carol Sommerfelt (then Croninger)
Name the only field trial Champion of both the NFC & NAFC in the same year

Upwind Selkie

Name the only Hall of Fame Vizsla voted for induction by acclamation

NFC FC Randy Duke HOF



Name the winner of the first VCOA National Field Championship, but was NOT awarded the NFC


NFC FC Randy Duke HOF


Name the regional club with the most Dual Champions

Miami Valley Vizsla Club

Name the Vizsla who retired the only Specialty Traveling Trophy by winning Best of Breed at the National Specialty three times.

3xNatlBISS CH Sandyacre’s Russet Majesty JH NA (Maggie)
Name the all-time greatest AKC Sporting Group Field Trial dog










Name the person who went into the men's restroom by mistake at the 84? National in Nebraska, scared Lance Watt (using urinal) to death when she came out of the stall. Bill Fisher saw this person go in the men's restroom (she was changing for Best of Breed) & got all the guys to have a gauntlet for her to run through when she came out. They were screaming & clapping. She was going about 500 mph out the door once she saw Lance......??????
















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