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The Chicken Dance
 Once upon a time there were two lovely Vizsla ladies
who spent hours in water even if it was just a big bucket. Obviously big buckets would need top flight VizEngineering. 
 There also once lived a Chicken in this same VBurg
who thought he could flirt with she-devils &
not pay the ultimate price.....DEATH BY BITCHINS
Stella became so furious that she ripped
the Chicken right out of Delta's teeth. 
Frantically Delta tried to snatch the Chicken back. 
And nearly did until lo unbelieving eyes, the chicken.... 
 Flew away as fast as he could go.
The She-Devils could NOT believe it.
Suddenly UP UP UP the Chicken jumped screaming
out loud when he looked down & saw Delta's
jaws of waiting death.
PART II To Be Continued
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