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  BCB Briefly On The Magyar Society
The Magyar Vizsla Society was incorporated in  the State of New York July 7, 1992 by Crimmons & Rysdyk, Riverhead, New York.

Its purpose was:

To encourage and promote the breeding of pure-bred Vizslas and the elimination of genetic defects;

To provide methods for breeders and owners to check their dogs for genetic defects and improper matings;

To protect and advance the interests of pure-bred Vizslas and to educate its members and all others with an interest in the breed;

To fund research efforts in molecular biology, such as research regarding molecule deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), to determine parentage, breed, and genetic defects;

To provide a registry of Vizslas which have been tested for parentage, breed, and/or genetic defects of owners and breeders;


The Magyar Vizsla Society was formed because of suspected cross-breeding of Vizslas and pointers with fraudulent AKC registration and competition. The founder was Chauncey M. Smith, Jr. in an effort to find a method of preventing such activities in the future. His significant support with the bulk of that money spent on Incorporation, DNA research, and Newsletters.


The DNA research efforts and others were successful and the treasury was turned over to the VCA Welfare Foundation for continued work on DNA, epilepsy and other diseases in 2000.
I believe that this is the most important work ever done in the Vizsla breed which probably changed AKC's opinion of our work and the changes AKC has made in its registration. The effect has spread across all breed registrations.
Bernard Clifton Boggs




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