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 "A Decade of Vizslas 1960-70"
I have been a rabid collector of Vizsla ephemera including dog show catalogs, field trial premiums & untold odds and ends that told me, then me you providing us all with a varied education. However the one book I keep coming back & back & back to is "A Decade of Vizslas 1960-70". It is chock full of nifty factoids designed to detour any sort of a day the reader had originally planned. I learn something new every single time I pick it up. You just cannot put this book down & "leave it" as we so often command our dogs to do. It's a hard used book to find at the online markets. If you find it used somewhere, buy it, no matter the cost.
On this page one can find the breed history written by May Carpenter who was the VCA Journalist for the AKC GAZETTE for decades before she passed on.
By May Carpenter
The first meeting, recorded in the club files of the Magyar Vizsla Club of America Inc was held on January 16, 1954 in Room 355, Fort Des Moines, Des Moines, Iowa. The meeting was called to order by FRrank Tallman of Kansas City, Missouri who requested Dr Ivan Osborn of Minnesota, to act as temporary Secretary. Directors present were Frank Tallman, William Olsen & Jack Hatfield.
Twenty new members were voted into the club at that meeting, thirteen from Minnesota, & one each from Missouri, New Jersey, Illinois, California, North Dakota, North Carolina & Iowa.
Dues were established at ten dollars for single and twelve fifty for family and remained the same throughout the following years.
The first recorded election took place at that meeting. The new President Jack Hatfield of Minnesota was instructed to express thanks & appreciation, on behalf of the membership, to outgoing President Frank Tallman for all his work in the formation of the club. Reference was made in those first minutes to Mr Tallman's efforts during the two preceding years to gain recognition for the breed from the American Kennel Club and the American Field. Acknowledgement was given to Mr Tallman for filing the Club's incorporation papers June 25, 1953 in Kansas City, Missouri.
In the following years, "magyar" was dropped from the Club's name and the Constitution & By-Laws were rewritten or revised many times. Total membership was not recorded in the early days, but in 1970 there were 481 members.
On November 25, 1960, Vizslas became the 115th breed to be recognized by the American Kennel Club.
The Standard for the breed was revised & approved December 10, 1963 and has remained unchanged since that time. (no longer true dlb)
The Vizsla Club of America was a pioneer in the battle against hip dysplasia. On May 15, 1961 they published a booklet entitled "Congenital Hip Dysplasia & It's Ramifications" by Dr Ivan Osborn DVM that was sent to all members. They arranged a hip x-ray evaluating program with Dr Spurrell of the University of Minnesota which served the breed alone until the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals was founded several years later.
The official voice of the Vizsla Club of America, Inc the VIZSLA NEWS, has been sent to members and subscribers usually monthly since the very early days of the club.
Membership in the AKC was not quite accomplished in this first decade, but was realized the following year, a few months more than ten years after the breed gained AKC recognition, approximately twenty years after the first Vizsla came to America.
1953 President- Frank Tallman; Vice-President Emmet Scanlan; Treasurer- William Olson; Secretary- Jack Baird
1954 President- Jack Hatfield; Vice-President- Harry Holt; Treasurer- Roy Hawkinson; Secretary- Charles Hunt
1955 President- Harry Holt; Vice-President- Morris Chatfield; Treasurer- Roy Hawkinson; Secretary- Charles Hunt
1956 No Records
1957 President- Roy Hawkinson; Vice-President- George Day; Treasurer- Sylvia Chatfield; Secretary- Charles Hunt
1958 No Records
1959 President- J J Ruping; Vice-President; Vice-President- Charles Hunt; Treasurer- Sylvia Chatfield; Secretary- Norma Hatfield
1960 President- Roy Hawkinson; Vice-President- Fred Giles & Dr H Phillips; Treasurer- Sylvia Chatfield; Secretary- Charles Hunt
1961 President- Dr Ivan Osborn; Treasurer- Sylvia Chatfield; Secretary- Charles Hunt
1962 President- Dr Ivan Osborn; Vice Presidents- J Lansdowne & Aileen Stewart; Treasurer- Sylvia Chatfield; Secretary- Charles Hunt
1963 President- Tom Pratt; Vice-President- Bela Hadik; Treasurer- Brad Jorgens; Secretary Jane Graff
1964 President- Tom Pratt; Vice-President- Betty Kenly & Paul Sabo & Joe Cunningham
1965 President Dr Richard Reinhardt; Vice Presidents- Don Anderson, Betty Kenly & Wilmer Kline; Treasurer- Bradley Jorgens; Secretary- Clif Boggs
1966 President- Len Hartl; Vice-Presidents- Bela HAdik, George Solberg, Dick Reinhardt; Treasurer- Bill Fisher; Secretary Pat Carter
1967 President- Len Hartl; Vice-Presidents- Bela Hadik, George Solberg, Dick Reinhardt; Treasurer- Bill Fisher; Secretary Pat Carter
1968 President Paul Rothan; Vice-Presidents- Dick Reinhardt, Dick Olsen, Allan Hahn; Treasurer- Bill Fisher; Secretary May Carpenter
1969 President Bill Fisher; Vice-Presidents Dick Reinhardt, Carlo Zezza, Allan Hahn; Treasurer- Carolyn Arrasmith; Secretary May Carpenter
TOP VIZSLA SIRES 1960-70 in order of dominance
Ch Sandor von Debretsin owned by Art & May Carpenter (CA)
Ch Puerco Pete Barat owned by Joe Cunningham (NJ)
FC Ripp Barat owned by Betty Kenly (AZ)
Ch Miclos Schloss Loosdorf owned by Harvey Warholm (CA)
Herzog Schloss Loosdorf owned by Dr J A Bussing (CA)
Ch Hunor owned by Bela Hadik (NH)
Ch Csicskas of Goncoltanya owned by Charles & Joan Hunt (TN)
Ch Fleckes of Sage Acres owned by Connie Johnson
DC Futaki Darocz owned by Bela Hadik
Brok Olca owned by Dr Ivan Osborn
Kosa V Selle owned by Merle Callaway (CO)
Ch Nikki's Arco owned by Robert Foster
Rex Selle Jr
Ch Wilson's Pal Joey owned by Ralph Wilson (NY)
Tina von Debretsin owned by Mike Macias (CA)
Ch Glen Cottage Diva owned by John Strauz & Joe Cunningham (NY)
Ch Duchess of Shirbob CD owned by Walter Campbell (CA)
Sissy Selle owned by Betty Kenly (AZ)
Ch Szekeres Kezdet owned by John & Pat Carter
Ch Bolen's Geza Bell owned by Connie Johnson
Ch Besa von Debretsin owned by Art & May Carpenter
Dardai Csitri
Debreceny Jolie May owned by C. de Guigne
Ch Diane's Golden Karratz owned by Dr Bud McGivern
Ch Fruska Kisfaludi owned by A. de Lipthay (CA)
Ch Rittie owned by Sarah E Clark (CT)
Barsony Kralcs owned by Sarah E Clark (CT)
Boske of Goncoltanya owned by Helen de Deak
FC Futaki Juliska owned by Robert & Nancy Perry
HEidi of Rozda
Ch Kedves v Hunt owned by Marge Meminger
Ch Magyar's Tundor Karratz owned by Louis Magyar
Piri owned by Bela Hadik
Ridgelands Olca Selle owned by S. A. Cuthbertson
Shirbob's Honey Dew owned by Len Hartl
Tanya Mojave
VIZSLAS 1960-70 Phillips System
1960- Nothing shown
1961- Ch Csickas of Goncoltanya
1962- Ch Miclos Schloss Loosdorf
1963- Ch Sandor v Debretsin, Ch Warhorse O Jay
1964- Ch Besa v Debretsin, Bystra Csibesz Povazia
1965- Ch Warhorse O Jay, Ch Gypsy's Bronze Bomber
1966- Ch Boske v Debretsin, Ch Gold Star Valdar
1967- Ch Csopui v Hunt, Ch Anglodale's Mezei Melba
1968- Ch Debreceny Dezso, Ch Golden Rusts Kernel CD
1969- Ch Debreceny Dezso, Ch Twin Acres Cassador Selle
1970- Ch Debreceny Dezso, Ch Napkelte Vadasz Dalos
1967- Herzog Schloss Loosdorf & Ch Puerco Pete Barat
1968- Ch Sandor von Debretsin
1970- Ch Fleckes of Sageacre
1965- Boske of Goncoltanya
1967- Ch Besa von Debretsin
1968- Ch Bolen's Geza Bell
1969- Ch Glen Cottage Diva & Tina von Debretsin Macias
1970- Debreceny Jolie May




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