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 2009 VCA Corn Stalks
Or.... Our Participants
Brown framed photos by Fred Leggett, owner of Cloverdale Farm; All other photos by dlb
Jamie Fountain; Al Lucas Sr; Tom Digney; Ed Hart; Mark & Becky Smith
Fred Leggett's daughter & friend; Mike Mullineaux; Michayle Syczylo; Mike & Carly Syczylo
Barry Bassingthwaite; Please Identify; Ed Hart; Bobby Seelye; Grace Ann Lawson; Trish James
Mark Spurgeon, Valerie Sails & Howard Shultz; Holly Hatfield; Mike Syczylo; Valerie Sails,
Tom Digney & Al Lucas Sr; Clint Sails; Joan Heimbach
Howard Shultz; Grace Ann Lawson, Danny Gooch; Mike Mullineaux, Dustin Ochs;
Phil Rohs, Will Cooper; Richard Coleman; John Reid
 Carrie Syczylo; Al Lucas Sr & Rob Tomczak; NAFC Judges;
Barry Bassingthwaite & Al Lucas Sr; NAFC Judges; Leggett friend (please identify)
Carrie Syczylo; Carrie Syczylo & Rob Tomczak; NFC Judges
Mr & Mrs Greg Ritchings; Mary Allen & Tom Pescod; Julia Bonar & Debby Lynn
Mike Mullineaux; Mark Johnson; Tim Carwile
Philip Rohs; Grace Ann Lawson; Dave Pomfret 
Mark Smith; Gary Price; Pat Carney & Jim Rowell




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