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Chauncey Merrill Smith, Jr passed away September 19, 2012  (SMITTY)
He so loved the Vizsla and its peoples
that he gave them his heart, his soul & life
as a sporting gentleman for nearly 60 years. Without doubt no other person in America has contributed as much as Smitty did for the breed. Due to crossbreeding for field trial blue and the fight to prevent that, as well as deal with the health problems introduced by another breed, Smitty created the world's first Canine breed DNA database through the Magyar Vizsla Society Inc in 1991. It was disbanded in 2001 with the DNA and blood database donated to the Vizsla Club of America's Welfare Fund. MVS successfully identified Vizsla & Pointer DNA Markers.
It is fitting that Pat Carter of Szekeres Vizslas introduces the Vizsla. Smitty was the Carters friend & mentor. John Carter showed DC Futaki Darocz HOF to his show championship.


“The Vizsla acquired its breed characteristics through a selective breeding program for centuries by a privileged class of noble people.” Unknown


For centuries, Vizsla history has been told person to person. Our predecessors did not know that their efforts would be scrutinized or that Turkish Occupation, two World Wars and multiple Hungarian Revolutions would nearly destroy the Hungarian Vizsla or its records. Every historian prints errors. Every historian fails to learn what he or she needs, in the order needed to understand the whole. There is still more to learn.


This is the story. “Once upon our life times”…dlb






“Vizsla history has always been told at "fireside campfires" passed down from one generation to the next. Today's “fireside campfire” is in cyber space. Without the Internet, it would have been impossible to adequately address this subject. There are just more noble people perched at this particular campfire, than campfires of yore.” dlb


Myths, legends, stories, discrepancies, untruths & questions abound in Vizslak past. There are several reasons this has happened. Translation is the most frequent problem. Untruths, mistakes in handcopy/printing happened often. Researchers were only as good as their sources. Every Vizslak historian has printed or retold things from the past that was not accurate. The biggest problem with research is that we don’t learn the things we need to understand Magyar in the order needed to understand. Add to all that, the Magyar Vizsla had to survive Turkish Occupation, Hungarian Revolution (1848), WWI, WWII, Russian Occupation, Hungarian Revolution (1956).


Then too, for every rock turned over that answers one question, at least two more new questions need answers. Because of this when talking or writing about Vizslak history I am try to use the phrase “at this time” as much as possible because we do not know what pioneer’s ancestor will fall out of someone’s attic next. The Internet has been an incredible eye-opening experience for Vizslak researchers. Until the Internet the USA got their history from four primary sources, Mihalyi (Mike) Kende, Count Bela Hadik, Jeno Dus & the Mihalyi family.


Bill Fisher Letter First Meeting MVCOA
graphic by dlb
1. Canine peoples who belong to purebred dog clubs are not as likely to operate outside
of sound-practiced breeding programs & are more likely to promote positive puppy relationships & dog care.
2. Dog breeders who belong to dog clubs tend to produce dogs who
are less likely to end up inside of Rescue programs.
3. Breeders who belong to clubs tend to do a better job of backing up
contract committments & developing positive relationships.
4. Dog breeders who belong to dog clubs know how important it is to continually bring in new people
who learn to stand on their own & come full circle by bringing in others.
5. We at SITmUP are not the ethics police for the breed.
Belonging or a dog club does not also mean that who advertises here
has relinquished the buyer of their responsibility to check out the person,
the dogs, the bloodlines, the health, the temperament, the product, the ethics
or the follow-through or the guarantee they always tell the truth. It's
your job to determine the quality of peoples you want to "live" with, not ours. 
We reserve the right to refuse advertising for any reason.
When searching for a purebred puppy, search for the kind of person
who stands behind their breeding program, who will be there for you
& yours when you have joy or problems. As both assuredly will happen.
Any breeder who says their line has no defects?
When you get a dog or a puppy you are gaining
much more than just a dog. It is not unreasonable to desire
& expect a family relationship that lasts for at least a dozen years.
We at SITmUP believe in...
If you don't "rescue", DON'T breed.
Check the glossary for definitions of "rescue" and "Rescue".
If you have contributions or questions
This website composes the private and public collections & lifetime investments of Vizslak peoples around the world with an initial focus
on the USA & the field because that is the information SITmUP has far.
Please "respect" our collective work on and do not use in an unexpected way.
The individual collections form the cornerstones of every Vizsla living and owned
by "you" today. If respected by the readers, the information on
this website will remain & grow.
If "you" wish to reprint whole body text or "historical photos" please request written permission from
The Vizslak Sentinel by contacting
Credit should be given by providing the appropriate Sentinel URL
when quotes or articles are republished.   
"The Vizslak Sentinel "  (c) Jan 13, 2009





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