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 The BirdDogCafe
          The Biggest Place In Our Bird Dog Hearts is Now Serving Refreshments.
                            Rabbit Hash, Kentucky is a real place on the banks of the Ohio river & even has a doggy Mayor.
                          It's a fitting home for The Bird Dog Cafe. 
                "I grant an ugly woman is a blot on the fair face of creation; but as to the gentleman, let them be solicitous to possess only strength and valour: let their motto be: Hunt, Shoot, and Fight: the rest is not worth a flip."
                                         -Charlotte Bronte
                 The Bird Dog Cafe is now serving refreshments.
        Anticipate blazing entertainment !!! 
                       Be sure to read the veranda rights to your chair
before you park your best parts.
2006 NGDC Dual Champion contender; 2003 NFC Sunny with Bobby Seelye, John Reid & a friend, "Tuffy"
All photos/graphics are copyright protected.
                            There is an old Chinese Proverb which states...
               "Man who say it cannot be done should not interrupt man doing it."
        The Menu   

  Those Were The Days...VCA 1965 Spring FT                 A Before Dinner Snack With Alvin Nitchman 

 Every Dog Should Have A Man                       Field Trial" The Song
FOWL FRIENDS by Diana Boggs                                How To Pick The Best Grouse Dog
Hunting Alert from 1982                   Just Grousin In The Michigan UP
         About The VCA NGDC                      An Indian Creek Memory by Sue Boggs
Apples And Oranges Or All Apples                          First Regional Field Trial
Killdeer Plains Ohio Story                     Memorable Past Moments In Vizslas
More Ohio FT Stories                                         Ohio Field Trial Stories
NBDM & FT HOF                                 Older FDSB Stuff
Which Is More Important by Diana Boggs                            Yep More Ohio FT Memories

A Different Kind Of A Dog by John Rendel        Dog On Point by Ray Cooper

                                       Hope you enjoyed your stay at THE BIRD DOG CAFE , Don't forget to check out the basement below......                       
 "Fielding Colors" by Diana Boggs
Primarily....from nose to tail,
The Vizsla is one lean huntin machine,

With a blazing blue heart beating,

A full brushed tail to flaring red nostrils keenly smelling,

For this yellow dog styles with class and distinction
Making primary every Vizsla of fielding colors
Whether in hunting or competition.
Our STAR power entertainment shows have had Anderson & Berg, The Lavender Sisters & Rocker Dave Kayser 
          Then too there are always some rabble rousers & buschs that bloom but can't sing. ;-) 
And after the old Anderson & Pomfret soft shoe dance, mount up & slide right into the Vizsla afield.
And while you're at it never ride next to the tallest man on a horse during a lightning storm,
usually Illinois' own Mark Johnson who isn't above doing a bit of giggle work.
See below where Mark Johnson from the Vizsla Field Trial Gaited
Community of Illinois shows how a "real" (grin) field trialer mounts a horse.
               The above was a very special moment at the VCA 2003 National Gun Dog Championship.
We thank Mark Johnson for being a good sport.
This is the place for YOU !!!
Contact for your public service, rescue
support and/or field club event advertising at no charge.
Ads may only be jpegs no higher than 3 inches & 150 dpi.
"Bob Winters, Bobby Seelye & DC Luke"
                   Artwork by dlb                  2003                


This website composes the private and public collections & lifetime investments of Vizslak peoples around the world with an initial focus on the USA & the field because that is the information SITmUP has far. Please "respect" our collective work on and do not use in an unexpected way.
The individual collections form the cornerstones of every Vizsla living and owned
by "you" today. If respected by the readers, the information on
this website will remain & grow.
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