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Club That Dog
Photo/Graphic by dlb            2005
"In Dog Life The End Of One Day
Is Same As The Beginning Of Another"
Photo/Graphic by dlb                  
Longtime fanciers are quite serious about "club that dog." After you get your Vizsla, find the most local Vizsla club to you. Attend their meetings, meet the people & then hang out with the ones that make your smiles spread far. Actually, it is much better to join your local club BEFORE you purchase a Vizsla.
It takes a family or people working together to raise up a healthy, happy Vizsla; a breed designed to do multiple activities. Our dogs arrive already trained. The problem is "us". We are the ones who need training. For your dog's sake and those concerned Vizsla breeders who came before you on your dog's pedigree take yourself to a school who will train you, join clubs & attend their events in entry and/or spectator. Make friends. And more importantly be a good friend. Odds are good you will be friends in dogs much longer than many marriages. Then...once you get some training, your dog will already know best how you can become a high-class team.
As important as today's club activities are...and we will include links to present day websites, however much of "Club That Dog" will be about the various histories of the regional & international clubs & will also post as the results of as many past events that are sent.
Graphics by dlb
"Yep, I am all Vizsla too & I don't want to hear any crap about crossbreeding. I am no part of a Mudi, Puli, Komondor or Kuvasz in any way, shape or form. And if I hear your more time.....then YOU will be making MY house payment! "
It's Mr Baxter To You ;-))
Lightly dusking off superfluous lint as he
ambles away with the air of a dogdonegood.
Baxter is a Vizsla member of the Dave & Clara Kayser family.
The above photos are Delta at her most favorite place ever
The Agate Beaches on the Upper Peninsula in Michigan.
If you have an interest in providing information about
Upcoming Events, please send your Text & Photo
Submissions. There is no charge for Photos in Upcoming Events even if photos need re-sizing.
If you have contributions or questions
Information about Vizsla Club of America 2010 Events
will be in place by our first Birthday, January 13. 
This website composes the private and public collections & lifetime investments of Vizslak peoples around the world with an initial focus on the USA & the field because that is the information SITmUP has far. Please "respect" our collective work on and do not use in an unexpected way.
The individual collections form the cornerstones of every Vizsla living and owned
by "you" today. If respected by the readers, the information on
this website will remain & grow.
If "you" wish to reprint whole body text or "historical photos" please request written permission from The Vizslak Sentinel by contacting .
Credit should be given by providing the appropriate Sentinel URL
when quotes, photos or articles are republished.
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