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Wonderful World of Websites
(below) & Vizslas Online (on top)
Updated 3/5/16 
FC AFC Behi Piri Csiny (first V to win NSTR FT & FC AFC Behi CseCse Csiny (last V to win Limited before 1st VCA NFC)
The Vizsla... ONLINE
Did you know that Origa-Vizsla is an online Search Engine?
(Non Vizsla but great sight for placing events that occured in our past as to what was going on in that period of history. It is a serious mistake to dog breed history researchers to not also consider the effects their existing culture had.
 Here you will find online references for a myriad of Vizsla topics.
We could use Reporters & online Investigators. Contact
Ch Csinos v Hunt HOF
The Vizsla Club of America Inc
Mira Vizslas-Home of the Dual Champion Database
Info about the Vizsla becoming Hungary's National Dog Breed (1825)
Are You Fit Enough For A Vizsla?
AKC Vizsla Clubs
Mira Vizslas- Home of Dual Champion Database
Online Literature Index
Originally Vizsla Dot Org- John Parliament
Vizsla Pedigrees
Mira Vizslas- Home of Dual Champion Database
Field Trial Magazine
The New Zealand Newsletter
History of The Dog
Hungarian Hound
History of Falconry in Hungary
Foster Award
History of First US Field Trial & Dog Show
AKC's Version of Field Trial History
First Multi Event History
Another Version Claiming They Were First to Host A US Dog Show.
Interesting link on the Judge's write ups & narratives.
Mira Vizslas- Home of Dual Champion Database
American Canine Sports Medicine-
Has a Vizsla on Home Page
Tick Disease In Dogs
Budapest Agriculture Museum- Hall of Hunting
Digital Libraries
Selecting the Field Trial Dog In The Nineties
Eldridge Hardie Famous Illustrator
Who Was To Know...? They Would Be The Fielding Vizsla
Daniel Burjan Article 
See a Blue & Longhaired Weimaraner
The Regal Vizsla Blog 
Forestking Vizslas Blog-Home of Rogue
Scotland Red Girls Blog 
Urban Mutt Blog
Miss Laila Blog
Dennis The Vizsla- A Very Special Fellow 
Red Bird Dog Blog
The Digital Dog Book Repository
Twentieth Century Dog Volume c.1904
The Sporting Dog by Joseph Graham
The Pointer & Its Predecessors by Arkwright
Forest & Stream Publishing c.1885 n Practical Dog Training, but the year is 1885.
Sportsman Repository
There is of course that wonderful Dayton, Ohio native....Horace Lytle.
I am not sure what this guy is really supposed to be. Sort of missionary or preacher but the way he tells his stories, he does not sound like a man of God in how I imagined those times to be. The story takes place in Eastern Canada/US. He has made it to Lake Superior before I uploaded & tucked this bad boy for later tonight after I get some work done. Each part just gets better. For you know it, you are there riding the dog-train in the 1850's.. The book is titled "By Canoe & Dog-Train Among The Cree & Salteaux Indians"c. 1892
Other Vizsla Stuff
Chris Mathan on sporting photography
Vizsla Get Togethers
Buy Your Own Hungarian Castle
 THE END...For Now, dlb
Wonderful World of Websites
CH Csinos  v  Hunt  CDX  HOF
This section about non Vizsla websites, but still wonderful to use (Bookmarks) is my latest brainstorm. I dreamed it up when I found myself NOT doing what I was supposed to be doing because I could NOT pull myself out of one of those wonderful websites. To land here means you passed "QOL" (Quite Old Ladies). This section reflects those websites that I like, that I want to share with others. They may or may not even have anything directly to do with dogs, let alone Vizslas. The website owner/subject may or may not have any scruples or even present accurate information. I just like their websites or their story or their talent. That's all there is to it......dlb has grown in leaps AND bounds. You can get lost here for weeks & get absolutely nothing done....just by boggling the word "vizsla" when you get to the you tube home page. And don't you dare go off on any tangents. Or soon your family will be doing pc intervention. If you are looking for individualistic videos go to youtube. Then search for "ssmudsville" and go to the movies. A 2011 project is to make a home-movie about the Mayor of Mudsville. is THE website for the voracious or discerning reader. If you go to the bookgoogle & type in the word "vizsla", it will give you MANY books that have that word in them. For example look at the below list of novels that use the word "Vizsla" in them. Then purchase those books from online book stores. Many can be found for a relatively small investment & relevant interest, regardless of publication date.
FICTION NOVELS from googlebooks That Use The Word "Vizsla"
ELSEWHERE 2004 by Will Shetterly
STONE COLD by Robert P Parker (Jesse Stone story)
SARAH, THE DRAGON LADY by Martha Bennett Stiles
ISLAND JUSTICE by Elizabeth Winthrop
THE DOGS OF BABEL by Carolyn Parkhurst
THE HAUNTED AIR by F. Paul Wilson
ROUGH JUSTICE by Lisa Scottoline
THE REBELS by Sandor Marai
MOUNTAIN TOP by Robert Whitlow
TO COLLAR A KILLER by Lee Charles Kelley is for Arabian Horses. The website is......stunning. Take a spin, it is well worth the time. is an online ever growing, always changing resource for Field Trial enthusiasts, primarily Field Dog Stud Book Field Trialers, but with an extra focus on those wonderfully electric Pointers & Setters who compete to compete in the grandest of Nationals at the Ames Plantation in Tennessee every mid-February. Mazie Davis & Chris Mathan (long time FDSB FTers) bring to life in brilliant picture & prose..... an intricately interwoven bird dog tapestry. Chris Mathan's accompanying personal website is She has a beautiful eye. is Purina's website for the Cover dogs (grouse FTers). The award is named after William Harnden Foster. Foster was born in 1886. Early on his interest in sporting events was quite keen. He is credited with helping "create" skeet shooting & is in the Skeet HOF. Field Trial Hall Of Fame reporter William Bruette noted, "Mr. Foster's interest in the New England Field trials was constant & primarily directed to the introduction of a higher class concept of the working grouse dog."
The Foster Award website is not strong on design, but it is the glorious writings & thoughts of the true swordsmen of the Cover Dog Field Trialers that make this website what it is. Simply wonderful. I eagerly await more writings. On Essays on the Edge, several authors slice into pieces that age-old fable (Galton's Law) that breeding to the same level causes breeding to regress as NOT TRUE and explains why. Accompanying information illuminates the times when purebred dog ownership burst into prominence & provides readers with much food for thought about those who espouse "FT eugenics" and filial regression. This website needs only three words to describe it "totally freaking awesome". Julie is a Vizsla owner who does pyrographics for a living. Her artistic talent is on display in many museums & top private collections. COWBOYS & INDIANS did a blurb on her in a 2009 issue. Julie is active in show & field with her Vizslas. Her next goal is a Dual Champion. As lovely as many of the examples of Julie's work, I rather like her pyro Vizslas the best. Julie is a high class act & her website finds it appealing to me not because from website design, but what showcases what her talent really is.
Julie represents her artwork in the very prestigious Southeastern Wildlife Exposition the middle of February 2010 in historic Charleston, South Carolina and the end of February in Tulsa, Oklahoma for the NatureWorks Art Sale.
Julie's "On The Alert" which is a lonely coyote sentinel is currently touring in the 49th Annual Art & Animal Exposition and National Tour in the following cities. 
  • Through 2/21/2010: The Wildlife Experience, Parker, CO
  • 3/27-6/27/2010: Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum Art Institute, Tucson, AZ
  • 8/21-10/31/2010: Green Acres Art Center, Cincinnati, OH
  • At first one might think the Vizsla has nothing to do with the agate. That's true. What is also true is that the hunting dog (like the agate) is the oldest of its species. The Lake Superior agate is the oldest of the agates. So too, may well be the Vizsla who is the oldest of the hunting dogs.     
    "Pistol", the greatest FT Winner of the entire AKC Sporting group
    Ch Paradox Final Answer MH & CH Paradox Red Violin JH (Delta's (Mayor of Mudsville babies)
     Piri & CseCse in snow scene 
    Delta-Photo/Graphic by dlb
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