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The Wonderful Early Dog Books
The Dog c. 1854 by William Youatt 1776-1847; Not in Copyright-vastly interesting mid 1800's dog books. Of the sporting breeds there were the least information. The Pointer breeds were deemed very sour temperaments and so stout that most dogs broke down. At the back, even more interesting is the canine health care section. 
Dog Breaking (1876) by William Nelson Hutchinson-an austere book
The Twentieth Century Dog Volume 2 (Sporting) by Herbert Compton (1904) wonderful wonderful wonderful
Wonderful old Forest and Stream book about dog training & bird dog training
The Sporting Dog by Joseph Graham c. 1904 (must have for sporting book collectors)
The Illustrated Book of The Dog by Vero Kimball Shaw, another must have collectible book-its Setter & Pointer history is fascinating
Training The Hunting Dog by Bernard Waters (another must have for collectors) 1901 (earliest published book found so far about Field Trial Judging)
The Setter by Edward Laverack (1872)(very special collector book)
The American Hunting Dog 1919 by Warren Miller 
The Dog & The Sportsman c. 1845
The Pointer & His Predecessors c. 1906 by William Arkwright (MUST HAVE, MUST READ)
The Sportsman Repository of the Horse & Dog- very interesting Spanish Pointer history
1817 Trial Testimony of a Dog For Biting On Trial
Dog Oddities by Harry Miller- Wonderful little WWII dog book




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