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I have a Vizsla angel. Her name is Delta. On earth she was an angel unaware as she dragged me through life, banging against doors, skinning my knees as I hung on to the end of Delta's lead with all of my might. That Vizsla angels exist, I have no doubt. It is the only explanation that fits the crazy things that have happened to me since May 6, 2013. Below is a tip of Delta's personae in this old dog blog that I will leave on this website until cows bark. Yes, Vizslas are kind. Delta was kind sometimes too, but the mind was always spinning. She never gave up & never quit, despite having ehrlichia and three metal legs with a shoulder plate from a nearly fatal car accident. When she was recuperating, she taught herself to walk on her two hind legs like a human. When she lived life, she bent, she banged all as she wanted. She taught herself to dive underwater, because I just couldn't play fetch long enough. She came. She saw. She conquered. I was her job and she has never left my side. She had no concept of failure, death being something she conquered with the grace of angels.
Enjoy my girl.
Due to circumstances beyond my control my heart & hearth is commanded by the Mayor of Mudsville, Mz Delta. Below is her dog blog or her bog dog blog. Don't think that Delta is the only USA Dog Mayor. She is not. Down the hill to & across the big river over in Kentucky is a riverside community Rabbit Hash, that has had a dog for a Mayor for the last ten years.
Rabbit Hash, Kentucky is a sleepy rivertown.
Quite a nice place to go to on a warm spring or summer day, watching the day flow by.
" If God meant for Vizsla people to be mean about opinions,
he would have given them THREE egos, TWO assholes & ONE armpit !!!!!" Delta MAYOR
This bog dog blog more accurately than not, reflects Delta's temperament which is rather unusual. She believes she really IS in charge of all bog dog blog life. She emotes through life with an unsinkable sense of humor combined with an immaculate self-serving conscience who was bred to retrieve life's glories to her pet & community....mudsville.
Most recent bog dog blog entries are on top. Delta is new to this dog blog stuff so until further notice if you want to make a comment, send it to The Mayor's mother, or mudder as Delta calls her will put it online.
Be advised that all contributors will be identified as the "Gentleman or Gentlewoman from whatever State or Country hailed from." Also be advised that Delta has ultimate Editor powers. She has just one pea in her head. Sometimes it takes a really hard roll that tilts clear around the world....dlb
Photos & Graphics on this page are B/W because the
Mayor of Mudsville only sees in black & white.
B/W photos separate the date entries.
Unless otherwise noted all photos are of the
Mayor of Mudsville., CH Dealt A Queen ss Paradox JH.
"I don't have to have manners.
You do"....Delta MAYOR
March 7 "Grand CHAMPIONS"
I am the grandmudder and great-grandmudder of the first dog & bitch Grand Champion in the state of Michigan. Both Marta & Brok were bred/owned by my udder mudder. I bet you didn't know I had anudder mudder. Whelp my udder mudder was pretty pleased with herself doing all that in one weekend. Then she rescued one of those CannuckXslovaks when she gave her dog to a stranger & jumped the fence from one ring to anudder ring to help a CannuckXslovak man with two arms show two dogs. Beats me what the big deal was. The fellow had two hands didn't he? Whelp, the judge was so impressed by my udder mudder's good sportsmanship that he petted her on her back. And told her she was a good girl. I think she is a twisted sister ;) Meioux....Delta MAYOR
February 28 "Bog Dog Blog Phodographer"
I been bad and am skipping over days. It's hard work being the Mayor of Mudsville. But I found out what my mudder is....She is a Wantabee phoDographer. Check out the lady who really IS a phodographer. Be sure to check out her galleries. She catches our spirit & puts it on paper. This lady lives in CinCity. Mudder has been in a stitch because she thinks she shoulda thought of the word "phodographer" first & made millions of buckos.
Can you just imagine?
ME Being more famous than I already are.
ME On billboards around CinCity. Yeeh Hah!!! Delta MAYOR
February 24, 2011  "Jackass"
I never did like Charlie Sheen. He has beedy eyes. Type breeds true. He is a true jackass. He should be neutered to forever prevent little Chalie horses.. That would "fix" his jackass ways. That or he should be forced to BE WITH Lindsay Lohan in the same room for the rest of their lives. On the show "Two & A Half Men" Charlie is the half man and whole pile of bull. His ex-wife isn't much better in the smarts depot. What dumbo wears thick soled 4inch high heeled shoes to exercise in? If a dog acted like Charlie, they would have been euthanized for hydrophobia. Do Charlie like that olde saying. Just say NO NO NO....Delta MAYOR
February 23, 2011 "War and Peace"
I've been watching the TB News programs about the riots in EEEeejipt and Libyer. And a revelation hit me like a concrete truck with Jimmy Hooffa in it going over Niagara Falls in a barrel. All these wars that people fight have been a waste of time and money. Time & money that coulda shoulda been spent on dogs had everyone who went to war, stayed home, cooked up a bazillion LSD tablets & given them to their enemas as "super candy." The other side would have gone nuts destroying themselves in about 18 days. We wouldn't have had to lose our good men who were potential Vizsla owners & are lost to the breed forever. Don't give me credit for my revelation, I got it from the Libyer Dictator Momar Kolhrabi who has obviously done a lot of LSD himself or else he would have had nothing to say on the subject. Delta MAYOR
February 22, 2010   "Vizsla Credo" 
I am a survivor. Against all odds and am now 14 years of age (Most of my photos on this page are in 2007 when I was 11). I am here because of great veterinary care and not just from my other mudder/fadder... Doctors Paradox. I know how fleeting life can be for a dog only guilty of loving their pet, which is you. No good thing is forever. In life's crapshoot in the blink of an eyelash your life may change forever and my life will end. Do not underestimate the power of today. There not be a tomorrow for both of you. Hug, love, event, enjoy, cherish your Vizsla TODAY!!!
My motto is
Vizslas are a relentless force.
Vizsla owners are a relentless force
Fate is a relentless force
Vizsla canine spirits will outlast the most relentless force of all
Which is...time.
Been there, Done that, for over 1,000 years-
"It's been a hard day's night & I have been working like a dog."
February 21 "Presidents"
Today the USA celebrates "President's Day". A President is a big fat powerful Mayor. Mayors bark at trees. Presidents put bark on trees. This is a VERY important holiday for American Vizslas. If it wasn't for President Harry Truman who was a close personal friend of Frank Tallman & Emmett Scanlan, those reading this missile would not be owned by Vizslas. Harry's nickname was "Give em hell, Harry." He escaped assassination on November 1, 1950. Oscar Collazo and Griselio Torresola tried to shoot their way into Blair House. A White House guard was killed and two others were wounded.
Mudder's most favorite President is Teddy Roosevelt. She loves cowboys. That was his nickname, "The Cowboy." Teddy also invented the national parks system. Teddy also invented the "Teddy Bear". He had a guinea pig named Father O'Grady and a snake named Emily Spinach. He also had a Bull Dog named Pete and a Cheapeake Retriever named Sailor Boy. President Roosevelt's daughter, Alice, had a pet garter snake named Emily Spinach. The family had numerous pets while they lived in the White House.
George Washington loved dogs. His favorite pasttime was hunting with his hounds. He had several dogs their names werre Sweet Lips, Taster, Tipler, Forester, Vulcan, Madame Moose, and Searcher.During a famous battle the USA captured the General's Pointer and returned the dog unharmed in the midst of battle. George loved horses. Before riding he insisted that the horse be cleaned from head to hoof. He even had his helpers brush the horses teeth. George also liked to fish.
Thomas Jefferson (supposed to be related to mudder)'s right hand was useless by 1786 from rheumatism. Clark and Lewis sent two grizzly bear cubs to the White House. It is said that Jefferson could be seen walking on the White House grounds with the cubs.
James Madison was the shortest president. He was only 5 ft. 4 in. tall and weighed just 100 pounds. The Madisons may have been the first President and First Lady to serve their guests ice cream.When the British burned the White House, the president and his wife fled. His wife Dolly, however, was able save the Declaration of Independence and a painting of George Washington. Dolly had a pet parrot who lived in the White House with the Madisons. The parrot outlived both Madisons.
In 1826, the Marquis de Lafayette gave John Quincy Adams an alligator. The alligator lived in the White House for several months.
Andrew had a pet parrot named Poll. The parrot screamed curse words at his funeral. Andrew Jackson was also the first President to almost be murdered. While he was at a funeral, Richard Lawrence took out a pistol and shot at him at point-blank range. The gun misfired. He took out another one, and it too misfired. Jackson then tackled the man to the ground.
President Harrison had a billy goat at the White House during the short period he was there. William Harrison had a dog named Dask.
John Tyler had two Italian wolfhounds and a greyhound dog during the time they lived in the White House.
Zachary Taylor's horse grazed on the White House lawn. Visitors to the White House would take souvenir horsehairs from Whitey, Taylor's old Army horse, that he kept on the White House lawn.
Commodore Perry brought back two tiny "sleeve dogs" from Japan and gave them to President Pierce. The dog was small enough to sit on a saucer. The President kept one of the dogs and gave the other to Jefferson Davis. Davis later became president of the Confederacy.
President Buchanan owned one of the biggest dogs ever to live in the White House. He had a Newfoundland named Lara. He was also sent a herd of elephants which he gave to the zoo.
Abraham Lincoln's son Tad owned a pair of goats. The goats were named Nanny and Nanko. He also made a pet of a turkey that was sent to the Lincoln's for Thanksgiving dinner. He named the turkey Jack. Tad begged for Jack's life and Lincoln gave the turkey a presidential pardon
Ulysses Grant's children had two ponies while they lived in the White House. The ponies were named Reb and Billy Button. Ulysses had a Newfoundland named Faithful.
Rutherford B Hayes had a Greyhound dog named Grim. and an Elkhound named Weejie. He also had Sheperds named Hector and Nellie.
James Garfield had a dog named Veto.
While in the White House Grover Cleveland's family had pet mocking bird, canaries, and a 1 1/2 pound dog.
Woodrow Wilson- During WWI a flock of sheep was raised on the White House lawn. The wool was used to raise money for the Red Cross.
Warren Harding had a Airedale dog that sat in his own chair at cabinet meetings. The dog's name was Laddie Boy. Warren Harding had the largest feet of any President. He wore a size 14 shoes.
Calvin Coolidge slept 10 hours a day. He refused to use the telephone while in office. The Calvin family had two pet raccoons. They were named Rebecca and Rueben. They stayed in an outdoor shed at night. Sometimes they would roam the White House during the day. They also had several dogs: Bird Dog named Palo Alto- Bull Dog named King Cole- Chows named Blackberry, Rough and Ruby- Collies named Boston Beans, Rob Roy, Prudence, Prim and Bessie. Sheep Dogs named Calamity Jane and Eaglehurst Gilette-Terrier named Peter Pan.

When the Hoovers wanted to speak privately while in the presence of White House guests, they spoke Chinese. Herbert Hoover's son had 2 pet alligators that would sometimes wander around the White House. He also had several dogs: -an Irish Wolfhound named Patrick.-Fox Terriers named Sonnie and Big Ben.- Eskimo dog named Yukon-Elkhound named Weejie

 FDR served hot dogs to the King and Queen of England when they came for a visit. And his dog, Major, once bit the British Prime Minister, Ramsey McDonald.
Dwight Eisenhower had a Weimaraner named Heidi.
The Kennedy's had an Irish Wolfhound Wolf, Irish Spaniel named Shannon & a pony named Macaroni.
 Richard Nixon had a pet cocker spaniel named Checkers and an Irish Setter name King Timahoe.
Gerald Ford had Golden Retriever named Liberty.
Jimmy Carter had a pet dog named Grits.
Ronald Reagan loved to ride horses and tend his ranch. He had a King Charles Spaniel named Rex.
The first Bush's had a springer spaniel named Millie. Millie had a book published about her life in the White House. She had six puppies during her time a the White House.
Bill Clinton's family brought a First Cat--Socks--from Arkansas when they moved into the White House. Socks was the first White House pet with a web site. He also had a Labradore Retriever named Buddy.
There is a Portugese Water Dog in the Obama White House.
 February 20 "Mayor Solves World Peace"
Gentleman From The USA Senate- Mayor, we are at our wits' endings with the Middle East problems from the BIG bomb to oil. Without oil nobody who is owned by a Vizsla can attend events & travel to promote their breed. Is there anything you can recommend?
YES, treat them like you would a bad dog. Do not pay attention to bad dogs.
Distract, Distract, Distract, Distract
I been told that Muslix are scared of pigs or maybe it is sheeps. Grow up inside of six months... a billion pigs and sheeps. Ship them over to the Middle East. And drop those suckers with parachutes every where but Israel. When the pigs & sheeps land, the Muslix will run in sheer terror, mostly because PETA & HSUS won't be able to stop themselves from boarding the drop planes to protect the pigs and sheeps from sheepicide/pigicide. Then have a roast.
Trigger died & dad had him stuffed
Bullet died & dad had him stuffed
Buttermilk died & dad had her stuffed
Now mom sleeps with one eye open....
February 19 "Kiwis in USA"
Here's to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The trouble-makers. The Round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see differently. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them. But what you can't do is ignore them.Because they change things. ANONYMOUSE
I was Mz Jenny & Mz Robyn's (New Zealand) tour guide for part of their 2010 USA trip. Don't let anybody fool you, they are "THE best", even if they do forget sometimes that it is ME ME ME who is "THE BEST" Delta MAYOR
Feb 18 "Dale"
"Dale Earnhardt Sr died ten years ago on this date. No "3" was No "1" anymore. Dale is the greatest southern athlete except maybe Richard Petty who once was found guilty of "assault by car". Richard was toodling down a southernhighway when he came across an elderly people who were going too slow to suit Richard. So he hooked up HIS front bumper to THEIR back bumper & took them for a 20 mile VERY high-speed ride. Those rascally NASCAR boys, you just gotta like their hutzpah"...Delta MAYOR
Feb 17-"On Being Important"


by Anonymous


Sometime when youíre feeling important,

Sometime when your egoís in bloom,

Sometime when you take it for granted,

You're the best qualified in the room.


Sometime when you feel that your going,

Would leave an unfillable hole,

Just follow this simple instruction,

And see how it humbles your soul.


Take a bucket and fill it with water,

Put your hand in it up to your wrist;

Pull it out and the hole thatís remaining,

Is a measure of how youíll be missed.


You may splash all you please as you enter,

You can stir up the water galore,

But stop and youíll find in a minute,

That it looks just the same as before.


The moral in this quaint example,

Is do just the best that you can,

Be proud of yourself but remember,

There is no indispensable man !



Collected from VIZSLA FIELD, Editor Bill Fisher, July, 1983
Feb 16 "Muddy"
Spring Sprang Sprung
Spring's here, Birds tweet,
Rain comes, Rabbits caper,
Grass grows, Buds appear,
However... summer still sleeps.
By Delta MAYOR
We have coyotes here. I don't like it one single bit. Us spaded bitches smell better than bitches in heat. Must be that maturing whine.
Canít spell STUPID without U.
 Cherish Me, Damn It.
Feb 15, 2011 "Mayor Ponders Imponderables "
Gentleman From Boystown USA- What is the best way for a breeder to get boys?Whelp...Take your bitch (who btw is THE very best Vizsla ever) and breed her to a certain kind of stud dog. Boys come from VERY fast sperm. Make a selection of males. Gather them at the 50 yard line at a local football field. Have the owners yell out "COME!" And then breed to the winner or fastest dog.
Gentleman from Nebraska- Why is hunting always in fall?In the beginning GOD or DOG felt sorry for Mankind (oxymoron)who is not an adept hunter by himself. Also why leaves fall from trees in fall was an early gift to hunters (easier for man to see). That's what God did for hunters before Vizslas were created. Vizslas are a very olde breed, they were GOD's solution to an older problem. Vizslas are born fully trained, but we do have to be old enough to legally hunt (2 months up).
Gentlewoman From Across The Big Pond- If a foreigner comes to the USA on holiday for 10 days ONLY & wanted to see the best part of the USA Vizsla during 2011, what, when, where, why would it be?That's EASY!! The discernible Vizsla owner would go to West Tennessee March 22 to March 31. On March 22 visit VCA founder Joan Hunt (late 80s) who with her husband Charles Hunt (d1971)who was one of few founding members of the VCA & Magyar Vizsla Club of America. On Mar 23 drive through back Tennessee charming backroads to arrive at the National Bird Dog Museum in sleepy Grand Junction, Tennessee to lodge at a local bread & breakfast for the evening. Of note Grand Junction is also home at the Ames Plantation for 3 hour long heats for a Field Dog Stud Book (FDSB) National Championship (over 100 years old) for Pointers & Setters.
On March 24 start the day by visiting Wilson Dunn (Bud, who is also in the Field Trial HOF) at his Sporting Goods store. He considers it an honor to have you buy any of his products or listen to him sell you on bird dogs. No one will blame you if you chuck going to the National Bird Dog Museum to spend the day with Bud. But...if you do go to the National Bird Dog Museum that's a sure fire walk into the sporting canine, including a wonderful library.
On March 25 head for the VCA NGDC in Dancyville, Tennessee on private land (hundreds of acres of edge-cover). Since it's spring & this area has been swacked by bad weather pretty good, spring means less cover which makes field trialing easier for a walking handler to see their dog. Have to have bird work to win. A Championship means every dog's performance relates directly to a standard of excellence on all levels, not just some. Anyway, Puppy runs on the 25th. Puppy is always fun to watch. You see the USA breed's future bloodlines for field eventing (AKC, FDSB, NAVHDA, NSTRA). Then on the 26th to the 30 watch 30 braces of walking handled Vizsla enthusiasts. (note- 30 braces or 60 dogs a prediction only).
OK, at this point I can hear you whiners "eeeuuu" why didn't you send the internationalists to the VCA Specialty, Obedience, Agility & Rally competition? Because you should have attended the VCA NGDC too & you would have met the Internationalists in West Tenn & could now concentrate on YOUR championship bid. With all due respect to the whines, the Internationalists should go to the Walking Championship because all-walking field trials are much more user, worker, spectator friendly than horseback trials. I been to some pretty good VCA National Gun Dog Championships. The great ones had this special air, a special magic. Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star. Delta MAYOR
Feb 14, 2011 "St Valentine's Massacre"
"Before I get all mushy gushy on the love day of the year, I want to talk about killing Mickey the mouse. There are aliens within Mudsville walls. This is totally unacceptable. They steal kibbles & eat them before I can sidewind it when mudder is on that stupid pc. She won't leave me loose anymore because she says I did a bad thing. What does a bitch have to do around here to get dried cherry, honey granola field trial mix. Why wouldn't I bury it in my dog crate. She leaves them damn mouses loose all the time. I tried and tried and tried to tell mother there were aliens in Mudsville. But nope, she didn't believe me until one of them paid her a visit in bed. That got olde creaky mudder moving. Anyway...mudder did some research on killing mice without poison. She found out that if she leaves loose a big ole bunch of mashed potato flakes beside some water, mice or rats (2 leggers too) eat a bunch of flakes, then drink some water and blow up!!! Whelp, I talked mudder into setting the flakes on top of her desk where when mudder goes to work (4letter word) next week, I will have a pretty good seat whilst she be gone. I am hoping that hordes of mice attack the potato flakes. Maybe I should remind mudder to be prepared in case she gets a mouse herd. She sure wouldn't want to have too small of a pile, so the mice just get bloat and don't blow up where I can see it happen !!!!! Hopefully if there is more than one mouse, they blow up simultaneously.....and if it happens on Feb 14 Valentine's Day, whelp I guess Mudsville will have a "St Valentine's Day Massacre"??? Delta MAYOR
Feb 13, 2011 "NOTES"
History will be kind to me for I intend to write it.
- Sir Winston Churchill
"You guys better watch out when mudder writes about history. I think history should be herstory." Delta MAYOR
You might be a Redneck if you have a dog crate for an end-table.
 Many years ago, a horseman came across some soldiers who were trying to move a heavy log of wood without success. The corporal was standing by as the men struggled. The rider asked the corporal why he wasn't helping. The corporal replied: "I am the corporal. I give orders." The rider dismounted, approached the soldiers, and looked carefully at their task.  As they struggled to lift the wood, he lowered his tall and strong frame to help them.  With his help, the soldiers moved the heavy log.  He then quietly walked over to his horse, mounted, rode over to the corporal and said, "The next time your men need help, send for the commander-in-chief."   With that, George Washington then turned his horse and rode off to his next task.
If you see an onion ring- answer it!
" I never gave ole Phil much of a thought before. And it's for sure that I never believed that a groundhog could actually predict an early spring. Plus, although I am overly 14 years of age, there has never been a Phil who didn't "see" his shadow on Groundhog Day. This winter has been just AWFUL. Did you know that one night last week Oklahoma was colder than all of Alaska? I have seen a twenty foot tall snowman who they keep making bigger or taller every storm. Pretty nifty." Delta MAYOR
Perfect Vizslas, like Perfect Vizsla Owners Are Very Rare (c)

February 12, 2011 "Anonymouse"
Today President Lincoln was borned in Kennucky. I drove by it one day whilst going to a dog show. It was the size of a Great Dane dog crate. Because of President Lincoln E-man cipation, (how did Abe know about E- mails?) dogs are not allowed to make their humanes slaves or in a dog's case, a pet.
On this date in 1990 Buster (1,000 to 1 underdog) Douglas beat Mike Tyson for the WBA (worlds biggest asshole) championship. After that Tyson started eating ears when he fought. I can really admire a creature that eats ears. President Obamer quit smoking. Bad Boy Boehner won't quit smoking. Who cares. Just cut cut cut cut cut cut off all dog tails so we can balance the budget. First think I would do if I was President was neuter The Infernal Revenue Service, debark the Energy and Education apartments. Have dogs provide energy and education. Cut the crap or rather pick-up crap....
I don't have much to say except to tail on my mudder for what she did one day last week. I usually sleep with mudder. This time she threw me out of bed and put me into the crate right beside her bed. So I had a front row seat for her shenanigans. Mudder sleeps during the day and just about anything bothers her. If she can't get to sleep for hours because she is disturbed then she gets really mean. This time she curled in bed about 9am. By noon she was still awake & flailing in her bed. I put my eye on the hole in the plastic dog crate & watched what happened from beginning to end. This is a totally true story. No facts were mismanaged for this one.
Whelp, she started hearing noises from the mouse factory. Already mad because she had been working on sleep for 3 hours, I knew somebody was in for it when I espied mudder's stone cold face pop out of her covers. I thought for a minute she was a submarine sammich. I watched her eyeballs xerox the room as she tried to determine WHERE this sound of something at least the size of the possum I found inside last week, was making great big gnawing on wood sounds. I could tell when mudder went on point. She slowly silently slothed out of bed sneaking forward like she was stealing forward as she tried to pinpoint this fur coat racketeer. Mudder slammed into a butthigh point. Since Mudder needs a hip replacement she was unable to rush in & flush out the possum or rat or mouse that was thought INSIDE of Mudsville keeping at bay....narcississitic muddy dreams. So Mudder slowly silently rose until she was all over this empty fan box where the infidel inside had been just enjoying the day.
Suddenly Mudder erupted and fell on the infidel's box, closing the lid. Panting she stood there just a mere moment before she started shaking the box in air, just as hard as she could BAM BAM BAM BAM went the infidel's box against the floor. BAM BAM BAM BAM went the infidel's box against the end table. BAM BAM BAM BAM went the infidel's box against my dog crate. BAM BAM BAM BAM went the infidel's box against the front door. It is at this point you should be informed that in her heyday mudder was a great softball player. She had no talent, none, but she thought she was Pete Rose. She can be a mean foe over a baseball game. She has quite the batter's stance and she was one fluid, screaming (she screams when she kills stuff like bugs, spiders) berserk mudder moved closer to the front door. What really provoked her hissy fit was when she picked up the empty fan box, the possom or rat or mouse and the sucker moved from one end of the box to the other. After another 4bammer she heaved that box out the front door and the infidel rolled out of the box spilling on the lawn. The half-empty Vanilla coke plastic bottle came to a rest.
Mudder started giggling, then gawfawing. She crawled back into bed laughing herself to sleep. All this over an.....anonymouse. It was 2pm by then & she got 2 hole hours of sleep. She awoke cranky that day. I left her alone. I knew when to let sleepy bitches lie :) Delta MAYOR
The Legal Beagle
Welcome to the Legal Beagle whose eyes are always looking & nose is eternally sniffing for other dogs & their owners about "dog laws". Gone are the good ole days of enjoying activities with your dog & thinking about little else. Today's dog owner MUST have an ear to the ground. This page is designed to give today's sporting dog owners information to fight for your dog, your ability for pet & sporting companions across the USA & around the world.
If you have an article you want to appear on the Legal Beagle please contact if it fits into this particular Dog House, you will be good to go.  There is no charge for Legal Beagle submissions however we reserve the right to insert those articles desiring graphic intervention as a priority.

What Can You Do If Spay/Neuter
Mandate Comes To Your Town?

(A dlb abbreviated article originally written by the late John Yates of American Sporting Dog Alliance)

Six Absolute Rules
Here are six absolute rules that I have learned from 20 years of journalism, and an equal amount of time as an activist on animal and constitutional issues:

a.. You have to do it yourself. No one else will do it for you.

Local officials care only about one group of people: Local residents. They care about the people they represent and serve, and they couldn't care less about outsiders.

a.. To bring people together, you must completely set aside your personal insecurities and biases about race, ethnic heritage and economic status. Every dog owner in your community is in this together. If you don't hang together, you will hang separately. There is no room for elitism of any kind when an animal rights ordinance is introduced.

a.. You need friends - lots of friends. That means that people who actually live in your community must show support, even if the issue doesn't directly affect them. You need local veterinarians and the owners of local feed and pet stores. You need local businesses that rely on people who travel with pets. You need people who love freedom, and know that an attack on your freedom paves the way for an attack on their own.

a.. Some of the best friends you can have are local and statewide organizations for sportsmen and firearms owners, even if you don't hunt and won't own a gun. Sportsmen understand the real agenda of animal rights groups, and gun owners understand the link between animal rights and gun control.

a.. And you should always take the high road. There is no substitute for honesty and integrity. Always speak the truth. Never resort to dirty tricks. If you stay on the ethical high ground, you will quickly set yourselves apart from the animal rights groups, which rely on lies, distortions, secrecy and innuendos. Many political battles are won by the side that displays the most credibility, and credibility is based on honesty and integrity.

If you keep those six absolute rules firmly in mind, you are well on your way to protecting your rights as dog owners in your community. In every community in America where animal rights groups have won a political battle, dog owners have broken one or more of those rules.

What To Do?

Given those rules, what should you do?

The first step is to reach out to other local dog owners, both to inform them and also to ask for their assistance. Here's how:

a.. Call everyone you know who owns a dog, used to own a dog, or who hunts, fishes or owns firearms. Specifically ask them to help, ask them what they are willing to do, and write it down. Don't be shy. Get on the phone and burn leather.

a.. Search the Yellow Pages and Internet for local kennels, breeders, clubs and pet services. Contact them.

a.. When you get a few good people committed, organize a local dog owners association. It doesn't have to be formal or highly organized. You don't have to incorporate or become a non-profit. This is still America, and citizens have a right to form and participate in political groups. Just do it, and do it now.

a.. Create a website for your association with one of the free services, such as Yahoo Geocities or Bravenet. On the website, describe the organization, write about what is happening, and add a blog or message board for breaking news. Get a free email address from Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail or other services. Use it.

a.. Publicize your website by posting short articles on Internet message boards that cover your area, dogs, hunting and guns. Ask people who read these message boards to pass the word along to their friends who live in or near your community, and to crosspost your announcement on other boards.

a.. Get the word out in the community. Create simple posters with contact information. Don't be shy about asking for help or asking people to contact your organization. Hang posters in stores and veterinarians' offices. Hang them in every part of town, and in every neighborhood. Post them on laundromat and grocery store bulletin boards, in union halls and fraternal organizations, and in churches and libraries.

a.. Pass the hat (or dig into your own wallet) and run inexpensive classified ads in your local newspaper or swap sheet. Ads in the pets or announcements sections are appropriate. See if your community has an online classifieds board, and use it. Many are free.

a.. Support and work with a national and/or statewide dog owners' rights organization. Most importantly, ask them to help you. Consider these organizations as valuable resources to support you. Good organizations exist for the sole purpose of helping you.

a.. Look specifically for local veterinarians and attorneys, especially if they own or raise dogs. Ask veterinarians to write letters opposing the proposed ordinance. Ask attorneys to offer their services without charge to review the legality of the ordinance. Remember that pet owners pour a lot of money into local businesses.  For tourists, it is important to have the image of being a "pet-friendly" community.

a.. An important tool is the simple fact that a large majority of residents of your community will be on your side. Your task is to prove it.

a.. And your most important weapon is the truth. The animal rights groups will lie through their teeth to paint a false picture of a community crisis. You must respond with the truth, and have the facts and figures to back it up.

If you follow those steps, you will develop a core group of activists and a list of hundreds if not thousands of local people who are on your side.

What You'll Face

The animal rights groups will have laid the foundation for a destructive ordinance long before you ever know about it. They won't play fair. They won't tell the truth.

Here is what to do:

∑ Most likely, your community's animal rights activists will assemble around an existing organization. Many of them also will have ties to national groups, such as HSUS, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and radical vegan vegetarian groups. You must learn the identities of local animal rights activists, research their ties to national groups, and then learn about the agenda of those groups. Don't avoid these people. Meet them. Introduce yourself. Flat out ask them their beliefs and affiliations with animal rights groups.
Your job will be to prove that this group does not reflect the sentiments of the vast majority of residents of your community. You also will be able to prove that this group (and the participation of municipal officials) violates the spirit if not the letter of state open meetings laws or "sunshine laws." It is an end-run around the concept of public accountability and transparency.

∑ You will need to be able to counter every one of their allegations with the truth. You will need to know how many (if any) have ever been cited for violating any kind of kennel or animal cruelty law. You will need to obtain complete animal control statistics for several years, which also are public record.

∑ You also need to counter their outrageous allegations with a thorough knowledge of existing animal laws in your state, county and local municipality. You must clearly point out a solution that fits the problem.

∑ You also must be able to counter the animal rights groups' propaganda. You need to have access to documentation that similar ordinances in other communities always have increased shelter admissions and euthanasia rates.

∑ The essence of all animal rights legislation is making innocent and law-abiding animal owners pay for the sins of the tiny minority of people who flaunt the law. Their goal is to make it difficult for you to continue to raise or own dogs. You must answer with the facts, showing how existing laws and appropriate enforcement of those laws actually will solve whatever problems your community may be experiencing.

∑ They will not fight fair.

∑ They will lie.

∑ They will say awful things about you.

∑ Never forget the real agenda of the animal rights groups, which is to eventually eliminate all animal ownership. Stand up for American values, including the right to honorably seek profit. Learn the law and educate local elected officials.

Divide and Conquer

A favorite tactic of animal rights activists is to divide dog owners so that we won't or can;t stand up and fight for each other's rights. Unfortunately, many dog owners play right into their hands through a misguided sense of elitism.

Animal rights groups will attempt to exploit racial, ethnic, cultural and economic differences and insecurities, which keeps us separated or squabbling.

There is no such thing as compromise with animal rights groups, because everything they stand for requires us to make all of the sacrifices, in order to give them what they want. They have nothing to exchange.

A true compromise is when both sides give up something in order to gain more important things. Animal rights groups have nothing to trade except the gun pointed at your head.

If we unite, we can defeat the animal rights extremists. If we fail to unite, we will lose.

An important part of the strategy that dog owners must learn to use is to be able to state clearly and categorically that we are the mainstream of America.

A reported 37-percent of American households own at least one dog. National polls from mainstream publications, such as Parade Magazine and MSN/NBC news, show that the vast majority of the American people oppose spay/neuter mandates. Opposition was at 91-percent in the recent Parade poll, for example.

Animal rights groups are the real minority, representing less than five percent of any community, and probably less than one percent in most places. But they are organized and vocal, and they turn out in droves for meetings before elected officials. This has given them the appearance of being a large segment of the community, when that is purely an illusion.

That's why local dog owners must organized and get a large turnout of their supporters at municipal meetings.

We are the mainstream. Animal rights groups are the radical fringe.

Elected officials need to know this.

So do news reporters.

This was a dlb abbreviation of an article written by the late John Yates. Rest in peace olde friend.

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