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Miami Valley Vizsla Club
Tri-Valley Wildlife Area Inaugural FT
Dresden, Ohio         Written by Diana Boggs         October 10-11, 2009


“a Pepsi, a comfy chair, a pair of binoculars, sunshine

AND a great view of good dogs……..priceless”

As Carol Carney quoted when viewed cellphone TVWA photos sent to Facebook on 10/10/09.
(10 Vizslas, 1 Brittany, 1 Pointer)

Laura Bauman & Bill Fazio

1.    Forest King Upland Tsunami (Rogue)  H- Carrie Syczylo

2.    Durite Bravo’s Diamond Lynx  H- Julie Larue

3.    Pinnacle’s It’s All About Chance H- Jamie Fountain

4.    Granmar Derby What Watts H- Jean Webb (Brittany)


(7 Vizslas, 2 Pointers)

Art Terstage & Julie Larue

1.    NFC FC Berry’s Taking Chances H- Carrie Syczylo

2.    CH Tsavo’s My Name Is Earl H- Denny Keeton

3.    DC AFC Bitteroot Semper Fi Cutter H- Clint Sails

4.    DC AFC Grousebend’s Dago Red MH H- Bill Fazio


(13 Vizslas, 5 Brittanys, 2 Irish Setter, 1 English Setter, 1 Gordon Setter, 3 Weimaraners, 2 GSP)

Chris Streitenberger & Diane Fazio

1.    Bravo Haulins Olympic Flame H- Julie Larue

2.    CH Dogwood Hollow Ray of Hope H- Jean Webb (Brittany)

3.    Braveheart Whitesline Memphis H- Mike Mullineaux (GSP)

4.    Barben’s Absolutely Positive H- Jamie Fountain


(3 Vizslas, 1 Brittany, 1 Weimaraner, 1 GSP)

Carrie Syczylo & Clint Sails

1.    Jack La Belle H- George Kucsma

2.    Durite Bravo’s Diamond Lynx H- Julie Larue

3.    Grousebend’s Whiskey Girl H- Bill Fazio

4.    Withheld


(11 Vizslas, 3 Brittanys, 1 GSP, 1 Irish Setter, 1 Weimaraner)

Laura Bauman & Art Terstage

1.    Forest King Upland Tsunami H- Carrie Syczylo

2.    Durite Bravo’s Litnin It Up- H- Julie Larue

3.    Jack La Belle H- George Kucsma (Brittany)

4.    Barben’s Storm Warning H- Jamie Fountain


(11 Vizslas, 2 Irish Setters, 2 English Setters, 2 Pointers, 1 GSP, 1 Gordon Setter)

Bill Fazio & Julie Larue

1.    Red Oak’s Cracklin Rosie H- Laura Bauman

2.    Cliffside’s Tee Time at Maple Run JH H- Trish Burdin

3.    Wynot Winston Kirby H- Bill Davis (Pointer)

4.    Rushcreek Semperfired Moka H- Jim Rowell


(12 Vizslas, 8 GSPs, 1 Weimaraner)

Chris Streitenberger & Carrie Syczylo

1.    Stony Hill Mr Dixon H- David Jones (GSP)

2.    AFC Tiber Creeks Rushcreek Darcy

3.    CH Onpoint’s Bravo Thunder Rolls H- Julie Larue

4.    Texas Havin A Blast (GSP) H- Julie Larue


(7 Vizslas, 1 Weimaraner, 1 Pointer)

Clint Sails & Diane Fazio

1.    Semper Fi Bien Hoa H- Al Lucas

2.    Durite Bravo’s Diamond Lynx H- Julie Larue

3.    Wynot Whistlin Dixie- Bill Davis (Pointer)

4.    Durite’s Hearts On Fire H- Mikayle Syczylo
Lotto- Winner of ALGD-; Smokin- Winner of OGD; Rogue Winner of OP & OD


The MVVC Inaugural Field Trial at Tri-Valley Wildlife Area was held in the deceptively gentle (not) rolling hills, outside of the town of Dresden (home of Longaberger baskets) on reclaimed coal strip-mining lands of eastern Ohio. The topography is open grasslands with low copses of sporadic trees, few tree lines, with many bushes & briars. There is quite a difference in the courses & expected  winning course patterns between Tri-Valley & Indian Creek field trials. Indian Creek has small to medium sized crop fields, with dense to patchy forests packed with bustling tree lines.
This field trial hosted 120 dogs who competed and brought in contestants as far away as Texas, Massachusetts, Georgia & Missouri. There were seventy-four Vizslas, 13 GSPs, 10 Brittanys, 7 Weimaraners, 5 Irish Setters, 3 English Setters, 6 Pointers, 2 Gordon Setters inside the 120 entries.  The Field Trial Committee was FT Chair-Justin Allen, FT Secretary- Diana Boggs, Stephanie Allen, Karen Derlatka, Denny Keeton & Matt Rogers. The judges were Chris Streitenberger (GSP), Julie Larue (Texas), Art Terstage (GSP), Carrie Syczylo (Indiana), Bill & Diane Fazio (Pennsylvania), Clint Sails (Virginia) & Laura Bauman (Pennsylvania). Laura stepped in to replace scheduled judge Chris Young.
The very first brace of the MVVC FT breaks away with Medda Rauhut & Denny Keeton (not shown).


The State of Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) is to be commended for providing what will become a perennial field trial favorite for AKC & AF field trials. A clubhouse is up, water well has been dug, corrals are up, and concrete pads for kennels are in. Whose brilliant idea was it to create a parking lot that juts solidly into the valley? The 360-degree view of Tri-Valley from the parking lot is beyond stunning. It is hoped by this writer that these facilities will be used for more than field trialing by possibly opening up a whole new appreciation for Tri-Valley among other organizations, particularly youth groups. What better place to hold a Youth Safety Hunting presentation, Boy/Girl Scout/4-H meetings and turn on our youth which is society’s greatest jewel, to the preservation and appreciation of the state’s greatest jewel, wildlife & its habitats?


The dog, or rather the bitch, that most impressed many was Forest King Upland Tsunami (Rogue), sired by NAFC FC Pointe Blanc’s Rusty Miracle, owned by Kimberly Barry & Wendy Russell and handled by Carrie Syczylo. Rogue was, as one of her judges, Laura Bauman  stated..."one of the most exciting Vizslas they have seen compete. She was snappy, bristling style, very mature hunting application with no wasted returns to previously searched objectives. She was filled with intense desire, as well as unbridled enthusiasm." Rogue captures the eye & heart & then runs off with them.
Forest King's Upland Tsunami (Rogue) owned by Michael/Kimberly Barry & Wendy Russell


No slouch in the bird dog department was NFC FC Berry’s Taking Chances (Lotto), owned/handled by Carrie Syczylo. Lotto is the 2008 VCA National Field Champion & won Open Gun Dog. Despite Carrie’s tender age & in the FT sport, she has captured more than one National Field Trial Championship as well as other rosettes in many weekend field trials. Her shit-eating grin is well known in field trial circles. The most important thing about Carrie however, is that she is a mother first, who dotes on her children (& Pedro of course). She is actively involving her children into field trialing. Daughter Mikayle (pre-teen) is already blossoming into a lovely woman & FT handler by her parents’ bird dog skills.
Dr Nancy Heinold DVM, Carrie Syczylo & Mike Syczylo (alias Pedro)


Workers & entrants took time out to admire the magnificent & opulent view throughout the weekend. The event moved forward occasionally at a snail’s place due to a few running order conflicts, but for the most part were ably handled by the FT Committee and other volunteers. There were several MVVC club members who came out to help and did not run a dog. This was the first field trial for Charity Taboas who worked all weekend in the kitchen and never got an opportunity to ride a brace. However, she did take a little break to work her dog on a chukar. As she came back to the front porch on the clubhouse, her smile was wide as Tri-Valley Wildlife Area. Yep, snagged another one!
One of the quaint memories of Indian Creek Wildlife Area was its natural propensity for fog in the fall. ICWA evidently sent a note to not forget about them, to Mother Nature who provided us on Sunday morning with a religious, righteous & magnificent view of the fog lying across the great valley in layers of smoking cotton. Everyone present was so impressed with the view of the fog-laden surroundings as we stood well above it, that many snapped photo after photo, which further delayed the late breakaway. Some photos looked like they were taken at a field trial on the moon. But no, that really is the sun on its ascent of the day & field trial destiny.


The banquet provided barbecue beef brisket and pulled pork with baked beans, cheese ‘n macaroni & a coleslaw casserole. The breakfast and lunch spread were equally impressive. Also at the banquet, Julie Larue of Texas fame asked the proverbial Ohio question “What is a buckeye”? This writer’s joking succinct explanation of “a worthless nut” only wrinkled Julie’s eyebrow more. When more information was forthcoming about the buckeye being poisonous, she still seemed puzzled that a state would be nicknamed after a tree that grows nuts that are toxic (but not to squirrels).


The event logo, premium, information & running order were colored in OSU Buckeye colors, red & gray, with a bit of black for clarity. Don Bonnice’s field trial software was used on this field trial. The system has numerous features & was especially helpful with a large entry like we had. Of particular advantage is once a dog goes into the database, the ease of changes, like entering the same dog in other stakes, X’ing out dogs, will take place in seconds. Once in the database, dog information can be used from past FTs. This software can also be used for AKC Hunt Tests & is a must for HT Secretaries.

Check it out @


“This field trial begins a whole new chapter in the long and storied history of the Miami Valley Vizsla Club.   Tri-Valley will prove to be a unique and challenging course to young and experienced dogs, while providing viewing pleasure for participants who are riding & those remaining in the parking lot and clubhouse.  The state of Ohio has created something really special, and we look forward to being part of it in the future.” Justin Allen, FT Chair.

Other comments and remarks on this field trial are forthcoming. If you have a comment to make about this FT please contact Diana at
pre-dawn MVVC FT "moon shots"- All photos taken by dlb.

Field Trial Committee- Justin & Stephanie Allen, Diana Boggs,

Matt Rogers, Karen Derlatka & Denny Keeton


The Miami Valley Vizsla Club


Longaberger Baskets


Tri-Valley Map


Ohio Sporting Spots


 This Field Trial Report is not complete. Please send comments and/or photos. dlb




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